Thursday, October 16, 2014

Does your NAME define your life?

Statehouse Shootout: Pa. lawmaker exchanges gunfire with would-be robber | Fox News:
(H/T: Lagniappes Lair)

The two suspects were caught close to the scene of the robbery, and two more teens were later arrested as accomplices. The Inquirer reported the suspects, 17-year-old Jamani Ellison, 15-year-old Jyair Leonard, 17-year-old Derek Anderson and 15-year-old Zha-quan McGhee, were all charged as adults. The group was charged with multiple crimes, including attempted homicide, conspiracy, robbery, and aggravated assault.
Is there something about your given name which drives you to crime?

How can you ignore the circumstances of bizarre names as a mere coincidence, when three of the four would-be robbers in a single crime scene have unpronounceable names?

Mothers, don't let your kids grow up to be unpronounceable!

There's something about the name "Ja Qwan" that makes me want to just ... go out and rob someone. Some State Senator.

Or Jay-Air.  Or Jah Manny,

(I can't explain "Derek").

On the other hand, the names "Marty" and "Ryan" seem pretty white-bread.

Yeah, Maybe  I'd rob a Marty. Or a Ryan.

Perhaps the State Senators were just asking for it?  Blame it on their mothers?

Works for me.

But my name is Jerry, so it could be that I'm doomed to felony by my mother's choice, too.
How did *_I_* get such a Dorky name?  (This happened during WWI, when American forces were fighting German soldiers, commonly referred to as... "Jerry")

Who knows?

I feel this sudden, strange compulsion to pull a stick up.


Anonymous said...

Is it possible that these citizens all have very dark complexions?

Anonymous said...

Being a hungery, poor, oppressed minority might drive you to crime.