Saturday, September 13, 2014

BREAKING: Prosecutor in Shaneen Allen Case Asks to Delay Trial, Might Back Off Charges Against Single Mom
From "Guns Save Lives":
The prosecutor in the Shaneen Allen case has asked the judge to delay the trial while he reevaluates the charges against her.

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We're glad to hear that.   Yes, this was a victimless crime.  Except, of course, for Ms Allen who was to be persecuted (not just 'prosecuted') for her honesty, and for her exercise of her 2nd Amendment Rights.

UPDATE: September 24, 2014
A Philadelphia mother facing prison time for bringing her legally registered gun into New Jersey will be allowed into a diversion program, after the attorney general clarified a directive that had expanded New Jersey's gun law.* see the AG memo here *
H/T: Of Arms And The Law

In earlier articles, I had mentioned that it seemed a miscarriage of justice that she be imprisoned for 'crossing a bridge".  Comments on the article seemed "indignantly smug" when declaring that ignorance is, in fact, no excuse.


Anonymous said...
In the case of New Jersey, ignorence of the IS NOT an excuse. Gun owners that are unaware of NJ's draconian gun laws are either simple minded or living on Mars. It is easy to stay on the right side of NJ gun law. Don't take a gun into the state and don't handle a gun while you are in the state, or never go into NJ.
Jerry The Geek said...
Ah ... then you confess that you are at least half mad? What is it about crossing a river which changes you from a law-abiding citizen to a felon?
Anonymous said...
Simple, when you cross the river will a prohibited gun you violate the laws of the soverign state of New Jersey. Different states, different laws, all perfectly legal. NJ law may not be good law, but within the state it is the law.
Anonymous said...
In New Jersey, the gun laws are the law and must be obeyed by all. Simple as that.
Apparently, the staunch support for draconian, unconstitutional laws in New Jersey is not limited to the legislation.  Someone once said: "You get the laws you deserve".  We must concede to the wisdom of the Garden State:
NJ law may not be good law, but within the state it is the law.
I agree on both counts.

A few comments about New Jersey and Oregon; apropos of absolutely nothing:

  • New Jersey has more toxic waste dumps than any state in the union.  California has the most attorneys.  Why?   Because New Jersey got first choice.
  • New Jersey and Oregon are the only two states where the consumer is not allowed to pump his own gasoline.  Why?  Because that's the law.
  • State Sales Tax?  A Bad Idea!

(If you were expecting some ultimate put-down on New Jersey, forget it.  I'm glad I don't live in NJ, for various reasons.  I'm glad that the Prosecutor "might back off" in the Allen case, not only because I who know so little about the case can see no intent to do evil on the part of Ms. Allen but also because it suggests that The State is possible here.  I wrote earlier on "Jury Nullification" as the ultimate tool against injustice.    At the time, I failed to mention that the prosecutor has some latitude in determining the punishment asked of an accused felon.  Men of good heart belong in such powerful positions, and I sincerely hope that the will due to see justice done, rather than prosecute "to the full extent of the law" need not necessarily be applied to EVERY case.)

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