Tuesday, July 15, 2014

"What should they do? Compromise?" A Modest Suggestion.

Embrace Obama's Border Security Bill:
(July 14, 2014)
The new Obama law changes the existing William Wilberforce Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act, a 2008 statute that says minors who are not from Mexico or Canada are entitled to legal proceedings before they are deported. Surprisingly, Obama has agreed this is not a good idea and wants to scrap it. He wants speedy deportations. He is also asking for $400 million to secure the border and pay for additional border agents, as many have been moved to detention centers and other cities to deal with the humanitarian crisis. Senate Democrats are not so happy with Obama’s bill, which will increase deportations and end the crisis. Congressional Republicans don’t like its $3.7 billion price tab. What should they do? Compromise.

Current procedures are to send border-compromisers back where they came from, unless they are children.

Realizing that children are being sent unattended by their parents, who expect (with justification) that the current procedures will ensure the safety of their children no matter what happens, the border patrol should change their procedures.

They should transport the children to that point farthest away from their initial entry point, place them across the border, and not that they have been "displaced".

For example, if the illegal border-crossers have been apprehended at Laredo, they should be re-inserted at Tijuana.

 But the parents of these children have decided that they cannot afford to keep their children, so their only choice is to suckle on the good will of the American President (who has already shown that he doesn't really care.)

Perhaps if the surviving children were subject to inconvenience, their parents would cease sending them over the border.  Apparently, they are unable (in their current economy) to survive with so many hungry mouths to feed.  So they send their children to another country, in hopes that others can assume their parental duties.

This .. doesn't sound fair to the people upon whom they are imposing.  If they care so little for their children, they should at least be obliged to assume the burden of retrieving their children ... which is essentially what they seem to be asking Americans to do.

Or, they could just eat their children.


Anonymous said...

Obama constantly lies, about everything. You cannot take anything he says to the bank.

Mark said...

Do you trust that the money will be spent as promised?