Monday, March 03, 2014

Babes 'N Arms

Controversy over Facebook photo of baby holding rifle | WTNH: WOODBRIDGE, Conn. (WTNH)–
 (February 25, 2014)
A report it (sic) photo from a viewer is sending shock waves across social media and the state Tuesday. The photo was snapped at a local gun store and it shows a Bolt Action Rifle, resting on a baby’s lap.

That picture of the sixth-month-old baby girl with the rifle in front of her was taken by her father at Woodbridge Firearms Trading Post. He and the store owner say it’s just a picture, others say it’s just wrong.
The baby girl is becoming very popular on social media. The picture of the baby with a rifle resting on her lap was sent in to News 8 through our Report It feature and many are reacting.

“She can’t even speak yet and she has a gun in her hand and it’s bizarre,” said Alexa Grose, Seymour.

We posted comments about the furor over the paternal photo of a 12-year-old boy holding a .22 caliber rifle a few months ago, here.  We considered their outrage humorous, at best, then;  what's more natural than that a father would give his son a .22 rifle as he grows beyond his childhood and approaches adolescence? 

(My father gave me a .30-06 rifle on my 13th birthday, and I thought it was the best present I ever got!   That fall, I went hunting with him and my uncles, and killed my first deer.  It was delicious, and fed us through the winter.  I was never so proud as when my mother cooked a family dinner around the meat which I had literally put on the table.  It was my Protestant "Bar Mitzvah" ... on that day, I was a man!)

The ownership of a weapon is, or at least historically has been, a rite of passage in America.

Now, even touching a weapon is a shameful moment.

The Liberal press, and especially "social websites",  are appalled that a father would put a gun in the hands of an infant!

OMG ... they're right?  Who knows what emotional damage this poor innocent may have incurred.  She may have been infected by the poison of Cold Steel.  The odds that she will become a Serial Murderer have just gone WAY up in a single moment of poor judgement!

Never mind that it was demonstratively NOT LOADED.

Everyone knows that the very touch of The Evil Gun can alter the natural maturation process of a normal human being.  Anyone who has ever watched "The Day of the Evil Gun" (1968, Glenn Ford) knows how carrying a sawed-off shotgun changed Arthur Kennedy's  (40-year-old) character from a gun-loathing, law-abiding, peace-loving Liberal to an Insane Klown Killer Conservative!

And remember the movie "Blue Steel" (1969, Jamie Lee Curtis) when Ron Silver's (40-year-old) character found a .38 Special revolver after a police shoot-out, and the mere possession of it so infected his mind that he went around randomly shooting people?   "A pistol-wielding psychopath!" Thank goodness it was only a six-shot revolver!  He wore a suit, for God's sake!

Still, he was unable to resist the lure.  Which examples prove that just the mere touch of Blued Steel can turn a rational, productive, even Democratic member of Society into the worst murderous savage the world has ever known.

Is no one safe?

(Thank you, Hollywood, for telling it As It Really Is!)


Okay, enough of the smarmy satire.

It is nigh-on impossible to believe that anyone could be so outraged over such a photograph.  Please DO see the video here!)   Sadly, there are people in this country to whom the very image of a firearms is anathema.  And to see a firearms in the near proximity of an infant?

The best they can say is that it is "bizarre".

And they can't understand why the child's father .. although he acknowledges that some people are castigating him for his 'thoughtlessness' and 'poor judgement' ... can't really find it within himself to apologize for taking a photograph which has so upset the kinder, gentler people in this nation.

Here's a suggestion for the father, Chris Duffy:

"Dude .. it's not you.  You did nothing wrong.  These people are idiots, and all they want is their 15 minutes of fame."


MuddyValley said...

The child may never recover! He's starting early. I was given my first 22 model 67 @ 11, a JC Higgins semi auto @ 12, and a Win model 55 30-30 the next year. They have now multiplied to the point that I'm not really sure how many there are in those safes.

Anonymous said...

Notice there is no shock and revulsion from the media about some sub teen in an African army toting an AK-47 or an Islamic toddler training with an AK as tall as he is. But show an American juvenile with any sort of firearm, or even toy gun, and they wet their pants and get the vapors.