Monday, February 10, 2014

2 wounded in Georgia supermarket shooting | Fox News

2 wounded in Georgia supermarket shooting | Fox News: LAWRENCEVILLE, Ga. –
(February 10, 2014)

 Two women were shot Monday inside a suburban Atlanta supermarket that was busy with customers trying to stock up before a winter storm that's widely predicted to hit the area, police said.

Lawrenceville police spokesman Greg Vaughn told local news outlets the shooting happened at a Kroger and that two people of interest were taken into custody. Vaughn said the shooting came after some sort of fight or argument but didn't have details.
"The scene is a little chaotic," Vaughn told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. "You can probably imagine with everybody stocking up on bread and milk," he said. Several shoppers told WSB-TV that they hid in freezers while police cleared the store.

Georgia, huh?

They needed this Alabaman to shop there.  That would have resolved the problem before it became a problem.

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Blame it on global warming