Wednesday, January 01, 2014

I'm back!

Okay, so you're not impressed by that title.

Keeping it uncharacteristically short,  please note that I went to Washington (the state, not the District) over the holidays to visit my son "The Squid Kid" and his family at his new permanent post.

I haven't seen them for two years, until they stopped by in the area over Thanksgiving to visit with all their family here.  They settled down in their new home in early December, and I spent Christmas with them for the first time "ever".


The twin boys, 5 years old, don't really know me.  At first they referred to me as "That Guy" (as in: " ... Is That Guy going to be here long?")  By the time I left, they knew me as "Grampa Geek".   Or words to that effect.  At least, they understood that I was part of their extended family.

So I have had a wonderful vacation, punctuated by my usual frustration whenever I travel.   I missed the turnoff and spent two hours longer than necessary going up there, and coming back I hit a massive traffic jam in which it took me an hour to travel 1.5 miles.  But those are side stories.

I will now resume the normal program of ranting.


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you had a Merry Christmas and bonded with family. This is a good thing. Now, tell us of your misadventures of a automotive mechanical nature. Did you have any breakdowns, what were they?
If not, why? Have you bought a brand new motor vehicle, Geek Mobile, since your last road trip? Don't be shy.

Mark said...

I suspect it was not Grandpa Geek, but G--D--- Geek.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back. Thankfully your trip was not a journey into the twilight zone.

Jerry The Geek said...

Ha Ha Hardy Ha. You guys crack me up. For your information the DOF ("Damned Old Ford") functioned perfectly during the entire trip.

Not that I wasn't driving with crossed fingers. The most stressful part of the trip was when I was on the Mukilteo Ferry coming home from Whidbey Island, just hoping the DOF would start when we landed. (It did.)

And, Mark: your grandchildren may refer to you so, but I assure you that MY GKids referred to me as D.O.G. (Darn Old Guy)