Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Government Shut-down

Gov't shutdown: No progress on ending stalemate | General Headlines | Comcast:
The political stare-down on Capitol Hill shows no signs of easing, leaving federal government functions — from informational websites, to national parks, to processing veterans' claims — in limbo from coast to coast. Lawmakers in both parties ominously suggested the partial shutdown might last for weeks. 
A funding cutoff for much of the government began Tuesday as a Republican effort to kill or delay the nation's health care law stalled action on a short-term, traditionally routine spending bill. 
Republicans pivoted to a strategy to try to reopen the government piecemeal but were unable to immediately advance the idea in the House. 
 National parks like Yellowstone and Alcatraz Island were shuttered, government websites went dark and hundreds of thousands of nonessential workers reported for a half-day to fill out time cards, hand in their government cellphones and laptops, and change voicemail messages to gird for a deepening shutdown. 
The Defense Department said it wasn't clear that service academies would be able to participate in sports, putting Saturday's Army vs. Boston College and Air Force vs. Navy football games on hold, with a decision to be made Thursday.
Oh, this is SO bogus!

We saw this in the Clinton Administration .. we've seen it so many times before.  And it's all Politics,  press releases generated by the Presidency and designed to frighten us with the prospect of "essential services" curtailed.

The goal is to encourage us to talk to our congress-critters and convince them to .. well, do whatever we can to pressure the into stop pressuring our Federal Government.

Didn't happen before; won't happen again.

Here's a thought: Why don't the President, and all the Legislators and all the President's Men .... just curtail their own monthly salary?

It won't make a  big difference,  but it will show how dedicated they are to achieving some sort of unanimity.

Oh, they won't even do that?  Okay, that is a significant indicator.

It's all politics, all the time.  You know it, I know it, and they know it.  It's just that none of our elected representatives (You know .. the guys whose salary we pay?) are willing to actually commit themselves to the same penalties we experience when WE can't pay OUR bills!

What a bunch of morons!


Anonymous said...

People must be made to suffer for defying our leader.

Anonymous said...

The shutdown is a horrible thing. I just hope our nation survives.

Anonymous said...

Wait till they try to refuse raising the debt limit. Things may get really really ugly then.