Friday, December 14, 2012

"How To Shoot" .... Part Deux

Okay, so a little while ago I posted an article on "How To Shoot".  The lesson was:  "Practice".

Here's how it all comes together when you have the talent, you have the equipment, you've developed the skills, and you PRACTICE!


So .. folks, I don't know what to tell you that I haven't already said.  Except maybe .. BEWARE NORM THE UNGRATEFUL!

And by the way,  look out for his youngest son, Justin the Avenger.
My only hope is to see Justin kick some Old Man Butt real soon now.  But I notice that Norm hasn't had the nerve to bring Justin to an ARPC match yet.  Maybe he's just hoping to put off the day.

Norms older son, Zac, has already shown that he can push the limits.   I kinda think Zac has discovered girls; don't see him on the range much any more.  Now it's Justin's turn.

Learn to shoot.  Teach your spouse and your kids to shoot.

It's a family sport.

Y'all come on down now, y'hear?

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