Friday, March 04, 2011

Blog: "Squeal Like A Piggy!"

From Yesterday's Comments:

Bob Harrison:
Has your blog site been taken over by a malovent bug? It keeps flipping over to an advert to some 2d Amendement advertiser. It will do this 3 or 4 times in a row. Very annoying.

My response:

I installed the newest version of Mozilla Firefox last night. I now
cannot use Firefox as my browser ... it locks up. Look forward to my
re-intalling the old version Real Soon Now.

However, I've also
encountered the same problem in IE, which is related to the "RING" network to which I have subscribed for some 3 years. Recently, I've experienced the same problem, even in the old Firefox.

The solution is to use the back-button, which will take you back to the Geek Screen you started on. I've not seen it re-occur after that.

I agree, this is a bug and a particularly obnioxious one, at that.

My plan is to contact the ring-net sponsor and complain. Then to discontinue my membership, "anyway". It was originally intended to provide readers with a simple way to view other 2nd-amendment and shooting-oriented websites even though I had not included the link in my sidebar. It is no longer serving the original purpose because, as you have described, it takes you to a new webpage whether you wish or not.

Just between you and me, I think it's a Liberal conspiracy.

My apologies to readers who have encountered the same problem, and have not reported it. As I said, I have noticed that, but I discounted the phenomena as a Firefox problem, and ignored it. Now that I know it's not something that only I have noted, I can take steps to resolve the problem.

And if YOU see any other problems with the blog, I encourage you to let me know so I can take steps to resolve the issue(s).

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