Sunday, January 02, 2011


Cogito Ergo Geek quietly celebrated the end of its seventh year of production on December 15, 2010. With a mere 315,000 hits to date, nobody can claim that this is one of the most popular websites on the internet ... after all, it was considered a slow week by the estimable Kim du Toit when he didn't meet or exceed that level of readership, and on occasion he met that number in a single day.

On the other hand, I'm holding down a full time job and for the past couple of years I've been spending most of my off-work hours with SWMBO, so I consider my blogging time vs "having a life" time to be appropriately proportioned.

I haven't been blogging much at all for the past six months, but starting this week I expect to be spending a great deal more time typing on this keyboard.

(I say "this keyboard", but that's merely an expression. Last week I spilled an entire glass of ice water on my hi-tech WiFi keyboard, and after two days of drying out it still typed nonsense syllables. Many of you might exclaim in surprise that I noticed the difference, but that's probably due less to my spelling and composition skills than your low-brow expectations. I've replaced my keyboard with an older hard-wired version, and I miss my WiFi conveniences; on the other hand, this keyboard was used for such a short time before being replaced, the white letters on the black keys are not worn away. Better spelling is one expected consequence.)

Even when I was plagued by low productivity, I noticed that I was still registering at least a couple of hundred 'hits' per day. On my best days, such as when I was running a series like "Encoded Ammunition" and "Microstamping Ammunition", or when I was reporting daily on Major Matches such as the "Dundee Annual Croc Match" I often approached 700 - 800 hits per day.

The low-traffic days have been my most rewarding. I'm aware that those days were defined by the "Usual Suspects". These are often folks who know me personally or have corresponded with me and habitually check in for a few seconds just to see if I've posted anything new. My apologies for frequent "disappointments" should be in order, but knowing that I tend to over-write, I suspect that days when I had nothing to say (or no initiative to write it) may have been greeted with a modicum of relief on your part.

This may not be one of those days.

Thank you all for your patronage, for your support during good times and bad, for your continued readership, and especial thanks to Regular Readers such as "Antipoda" ... Bob, you have GOT to get a life!

We now return you to our Regularly Scheduled Programming.

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