Sunday, August 29, 2010

Here Comes da Judge!

Ga. judge shoots, kills man breaking into his home - Breaking News -

Here's the story:

Augusta, Georgia: 20 year-old wanna-be hood John E. Howard Jr. and his (still-unidentified) buddy pick a house at random in the middle of the night and break into it by throwing a brick through a window.

Well, that's subtle. Apparently they neither knew, nor cared, whether anybody was home.

Somebody was.

The homeowner, Superior Court Judge J. Carlisle Overstreet (65) hears the noise and calls 911.

No, I'm kidding.

Overstreet grabs a gun, and prowls the house looking for the voices he heard. According to the Macon, Ga. newspaper report:

"The suspect, wearing a bandanna over his face and socks covering both hands, was coming down the stairs toward Overstreet," Strength told reporters Friday. "Overstreet fired one time at the suspect, hitting him in the chest."

THEN the judge calls 911 ... to pick up the trash.

The other burglar made it out of the house alive, with a lap-top computer. Guess he figured it wasn't enough to live through his really bad career choice; he had to make a profit on the deal. Bet he doesn't find another 'friend' willing to join him in a little easy-money burglary.

Trash-boy made it to the hospital, then to the morgue without passing "GO". Nice Shooting, Your Honor!


Police didn't find a gun on Trash-boy, but His Honor has been exonerated of any criminal charges. In the words ... which should NOT be forgotten ... of Richmond County Sheriff Ronald Strength:

"You're protecting yourself, ... You don't have time to say, 'Sir, are you here just to steal something or are you here to shoot me?'"

If there were more people like Overstreet and Strength, there would be fewer people like John E. Howard Jr.
Well, as of now there are one fewer than there were last month. If Kim De Tuit was still blogging, this would increment his "Goblin Count" by one.

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