Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Another Local Hero: Iaian Harrison

Another Oregonian TV winner: Sherwood's Iain Harrison and 'Top Shot' | OregonLive.com

On the finale of the first season of the History channel series, "Top Shot," which aired Aug. 15, Harrison nailed a daunting final challenge, which involved throwing knives, shooting an arrow and target shooting. As the champ, the British-born Harrison wins $100,000 -- and the title of "Top Shot."

I've seen Iian shoot pistol, and he is very good. But I had no idea that he was also skilled in knife-throwing and archery.

And I've never known how to spell his name.

He's another Oregon shooter, living in Sherwood (very conveniently located about a mile from the Tri-County Gun Club). He and his wife are seen together at local matches ... much more often than I am.

He may be at the Dundee match this weekend. If you see him, be sure to congratulate him on his win.

And ... don't ask him for a loan. Just content yourself with admiring the expensive pistols which they

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