Friday, June 11, 2010

New 'Red Dawn' to attack communism again!

New 'Red Dawn' to attack communism again!

Oh my!

Someone is trying to release a re-make of Red Dawn, the 1984 adventure movie which starred (among other 'young-gun' type Hollywood luminaries) the late Patrick Swayze and the almost-too-late Charlie Sheen.

And the Main Stream Media doesn't like it, no sirree!

Because this time, the Bad Guys aren't Cuban and Russian, but Chinese.

We're running out of Politically Correct Bad Guys here, folks.

Looking at the trailers on reddawn2010, it doesn't look like much of a movie. But HEY! It's Hollywood, they're not suppose to be accurate. All together now: "It's Only A Moveeeee!"

In the last few years there have been a lot of politically correct movies about America's fight against terrorism, most of which earned about a dollar and a half at the box office. Nobody (except the movie-going audience, the few of which actually watched them) complained about America-bashing Hollywood.

But to put the Chinese in the role of the Bad Guys! Wow! The MSM is all over it like stink on what-you-avoid-on-the-sidewalk.

The Guardian doesn't like. The New Yorker doesn't like it.

These sound like recommendations to go see the show, even though there isn't yet a release date (IMDB.COM does list it; but the November, 2o1o release date on the movie's website has a strike-out line drawn through it. I assume this means that it's still questionable whether the movie will EVER be released.)

Here's the trailer for the movie, and it is about as boring as it can be:

There's even a website set up called "Anti-reddawn2010". But it's a little difficult trying to figure out what it has to say, because it's mostly written in (you guessed it) Chinese.

The only good news, out of all this, is that there's an option on the reddawn2010 website where you can build your own "alert" against 'enemies of the state' (or "suppressive persons ... whatever).

Here's my own personal Alert: click for the full-size image.

Kinda helps get you into the mood, doesn't it?

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