Sunday, April 18, 2010

Seven States Now Challenge Federal Gun Laws

"States exempting guns from rules now number 7"

On April 8, 2010, media sources reported that Idaho joined the list of states proposing which have enacted laws to the effect that firearms made, sold and kept within the boundaries of their state are and should be exempt from federal regulations. (Idaho House bill 589, as amended in the Senate)

(The other six states include Montana, Tennessee, Wyoming, South Dakota, Utah and Arizona.)

This is a "States' Rights" challenge to Federal authority which the federal government can not ignore much longer.

Here's a map showing the status of states which have, or have not, addressed the issue within their legislatures:

Inderpendent States Map

You will note that Oregon is [sigh] one of the minority states which has, so far, not even voiced an intention to introduce this kind of state law.

I am so sick of the liberal twist to my state's political thought. Please note that this liberal mind-set is driven by the 4 major population centers of the state. Most rural counties are decidedly more conservative and independent where liberal universities and welfare-state plebes don't drive "majority rule" agendas. See a recent projection of Oregon political demographics here. (Note that the colors may be misleading, so please read the text carefully to promote full understanding of each of the representative areas.)

via The Smallest Minority, Arizona has joined the small (3) list of states which now allow "Vermont Carry".

Note to "Progressives": This is REAL Progress!

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