Friday, March 12, 2010


My friend Walt (Demonstrator on last week's "Introduction to USPSA" class) enters here with a "Guest" post about Phishing:

To all my friends. DO NOT respond to an e-mail from Bank of America.

Their e-mail address is
[The address is deliberately rendered "non-link" for your safety. jB]

Mine said that they were having problems with my ON-LINE ACCOUNT.
I have not had an account with BofA for over 40 years.

If you open anything in the e-mail, who knows what you will let into your computer.

I called BofA and was told that I had received a fraudulent e-mail. It DID NOT come from BofA. They are well aware of the problem and HOPEFULLY DOING SOMETHING ABOUT IT.

Be safe, Walt
There is nothing new about this, but it serves as both a reminder that The Bad Guys are still out there, and also they're still trying to (a) get your personal information; or (b) dump a virus on your computer; or (c) all of the above.

Thank you, Walt, for keeping us aware.

And for all of us --- be careful out there.

Be aware of the links that show up, and remember that banks and other financial (and governmental) institutions almost NEVER send you an email except in response to an email which you have sent to them.

If in doubt, contact your institution by phone or, if its someone with you have an established relationship, go to their home website (do NOT click on links you find in the email!) and follow up on their "Help" or "Support" link.

And always, ALWAYS report an apparently 'bogus' email ... again, by going to their official website. Most have a link specifically designed to "report suspicious email" or similar wording.

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