Thursday, July 16, 2009

PNW U.S. Steel Match

I heard from Section Coordinator (and perhaps our next Area 1 USPSA Director) Chuck Anderson today.

There's a 'regional' (my term) match coming up, you probably don't want to miss it.

Here's the pertinent information:

The US Steel Shoot NW Regional is July 25-26. Applications are up on
the website at

The bad news is we are light on entries. I've heard from several folks
that said they are coming but not many applications have shown up.

The good news is we have a huge prize table for the few that do show
up. We're well over $15,000.00 with more sponsors confirming every day.

If you're planning to show up and register on match day, please email
me so we can plan for the provided lunch.

Chuck Anderson
Chuck at andersontactical dot com

(The webpage for AndersonTactical is still under construction. I can't be very critical, my jerrythegeek website is similary under construction, although I haven't started building it yet.)

I checked the Columbia Cascade Sectional/Current Events website, and although I find a reference to the match, there is no link yet available. If you are interested in attending the July 25-26 match, watch here or watch at the Columbia Cascade Sectional "Current Events" website.
As of this date, I haven't been able to find more information. However, I can say that the Speed Steel events at the Tri-County Gun Club is usually wild and wooly. You may not be able to beat Max Michelle, but the prize table is often quite generous.

And with Chuck involved, you can take it to the bank that there WILL be a humongous prize table, at least as impressive as stated on Chuck's email.

This match is listed on the TCGC Calendar for July, 2009.

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