Monday, May 25, 2009

Dundee Match: May, 2009

It was a sunny day, it was a fun day.

No wind, no rain, no dark of night.

There are no better precursor to a Good Day At The Range.

The company was convivial, and I thoroughly enjoyed my match even though I didn't shoot well at all.
We had some very challenging stages, which taught us (as they should) to strive for accuracy rather than for speed.

One example was Stage 2:"The Door Into Summer" ... which is reminiscent of a Robert Heinlein story.

Another example was Stage 6: "Croc Run", which supposedly intruded us to the kindof stage we could expect to see at the 2009 Croc Match.

All in all, Coach Paul and Evil Bill (who designed and built the Evil Oregon Star) gave us an exciting and challenging introduction to the 2009 Croc Match ... only without such a high Round Count.

I love this game. I'm not very good at it, but I can't imagaine a better way to show my appreciation for a sunny day,.

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