Sunday, March 22, 2009

TSA "Reconfirms" Commitment to FFDO Program

ALPA, Intl. FastRead
(Please click on the above link to read the entire statement in its original form.)

The Air Line Pilots Association (ALPA), in a response to an editorial from the Washington Times, confirms that the dera; Flight Deck Officers program (FFDO), which allows airline pilots to be armed in order to defend against aggressive take-overs of civilian airline planes, is NOT being terminated by de-funding the program. Rather, the program is expected to expand.

This is in stark contrast to not only the WaTimes editorial, but also to early reports that the United States Federal Government has historically made it exceptionally difficult for qualified Flight Deck Officers to take advantage of the opportunity to qualify for the program OR to acquire the training.

During this initial report on Cogito Ergo Geek ("Guns On A Plane"), we noted the difference between an "Editorial" and a news report. We also noted that this "opinion" is "... long on opinion and short on facts."

Historically, Liberal MSM sources have blurred the difference between "News" and "Editorializing". In this specific instance, the (conservative) Washington Times has fallen into the same editorial trap, to its supposed embarrassment.

We're not convinced that this 'expansion' of the program is the original intend of the government; it's possible that the clarification was the direct result of the initial outrage of those writers who took the Times Editorial to be literal fact.

Yes, I am suggesting that the intentions of the Federal Government have been changed in response to public outcry.

However, there is no evidence currently available to support this presumption, so I don't propose it as a valid 'conspiracy theory'.

On the other hand, just because I'm paranoid doesn't mean they're not out to get me.

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