Friday, October 17, 2008

Syd's Back!

A few months ago, Syd of The Sight M1911A1 opted out of blogging. He had other stuff going on, he said, and I got the impression that he was tired of doing the same old thing, day after day and night after night.

Oh, Syd had tried different blog approaches and formats. Besides The Sight he created Front Sight, Press (aka "The Snubnose Files"). Both interesting blogs, I read them for years ... but they just didn't seem to have the magic that Syd was looking for.

I was sad to lose my reliable friend, but I recognized that he was ready to move on. I never expected to hear from him again, although he did continue to wade the waters of The Web and occasionally I would get an email from him, or he would comment on something I wrote.

A couple of days ago, I got an email from Syd: Podcast hosting, social subscribing

I want to share this great podcast with you.

ElectoralElectoral Apocalypse and What If Your Girlfriend Doesn't Like Guns

Personal Message:
Woo Hoo! Just what the world needs, eh? Another podcast. Oh, be still my heart. Anyway, it's been a long time since I have done a podcast, and I don't want to go into an elaborate explanation about that, but suffice it to say, that I finally have the equipment set up again, and have enough material to make a podcast. Topics in this podcast include: The Electoral Apocalypse, The 24/7 Gun and What to Do if Your Girlfriend Doesn't Like Guns.


Just what the Doctor Ordered, Syd has begun to blog though PodCasts!

I envy him.

I don't have any idea how to podcast. My speaking voice is mushy and mumbly, so if I decided (as Syd apparently has) to try it out, nobody would be able to understand what I was saying half of the time.

But I do know how to click on a link, pull a pint of the best from the Geek Fridge, put on a mildly distracting game (spades, hearts, whatever) and lose myself in mindless competition against the computer as I listen to Syd's 27 minute opus.

Go ahead, try it out. The link is clearly marked, and if you don't want look for the link this will take you directly to the podcast.

Again, the Conventional Wisdom is that it's a 27 minute podcast. My Spidey Sense tells me that it doesn't take 27 minutes of 'real time' to listen to, and at the end you may (as I did) think you've missed something good and listen to the whole thing again.

You'll get Syd's surprisingly mellow midwestern voice telling you all the things you all the things you probably knew, but never heard so well expressed before. A variety of subjects are covered, including Second Amendment and(as advertised) a down-home eulogy to the girlfriend you might have permanently turned off from shooting if you were a jerk.

And it really, really works!

The only thing missing is the set of Ginsu Knives.

And, of course, the Salad Shooter.

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