Friday, April 25, 2008


This courtesy of Kim du Toit:

The referenced article (and the link to the applicable DOJ "Proposed Rule") refer to the announced intention of the Department of Justice to require DNA swab/samples to be taken from all arrested American citizens.

This isn't restricted to convicted criminals, it would allow police to:
... collect DNA samples from individuals who are arrested, facing charges, or convicted, and from non-United States persons who are detained under the authority of the United States. Unless otherwise directed by the Attorney General, the collection of DNA samples may be limited to individuals from whom an agency collects fingerprints.

If you are "detained" (scenario: a natural disaster occurs in your area, the National Guard arrives at your home and announces the [illegal] intention to confiscate your firearms and forcibly, if necessary, relocate you; you resist, and you are therefore "detained"), you are subject to DNA sampling.

If you object, you may be forceably restrained and a DNA sample taken regardless of your protest/objection/resistance/declaration of Civil Rights under the 1st and the 5th Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America.

Du Tuit's blog includes contact information where you can object to the appropriate (?) agency.

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