Sunday, March 09, 2008


I don't often visit the USPSA website.

Maybe once a month, maybe less often. I'm not as concerned as some folks are about my classification scores and besides, I have a link on my blog which allows me to check my classification without going to the USPSA website first. (* You can use that link too; check the sidebar.)

But when I visited the website tonite to look up the new rule book, (found on the USPSA NROI website), I discovered that someone (USPSA Executive Director Dave Thomas?) had been keeping Webmaster (and Area Director) Rob Boudrie busy setting up New Features.

One pleasant surprise was that there's an entirely new category in the website: Ladies' USPSA, called the Ladies Zone. This is available directly, you don't have to go through either the USPSA website or the Members' page, with it's cumbersome sign-on protocol). It includes a very professional looking video, so don't be shy about expending the five minutes or so you will find yourself watching it.

Also on the Main Page (today ... expect this content to be updated):
. 2008 US Junior Invitationals:
  • This match is the first match of its kind in the United States and open to all USPSA members who are in the junior category (under the age of 18) at the beginning of the match and at special request of the USPSA President, Michael Voigt, their parents. Invitations will be sent to all junior USPSA members, inviting them to this match. All divisions and classes will be recognized. click here to read more about the match and click here to download an entry form for the match.
By the way, the "Additional Content" link on the sidebar of the main webpage doesn't seem to be working right now. By the time you read this, it will probably be changed so that it doesn't display from the main page.. But in the meantime you can go there directly by clicking on the Member Link and signing on with your logon id and
password, which you can receive directly from USPSA.

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