Friday, March 28, 2008

New Shooters: Personal Note to Peter

Peter, I know you're out there and that you're reading this article.

Buy the gun from Mac. Come shoot with us. Learn the real meaning of Humility.

We've all been there, we've all learned that brassing (picking up expended cartridges) for the other competitors in our squads is part of the experience.

But we encourage you to share the competitive experience, because IPSC/USPSA competition is so much more than just shooting.

There is an element of 'etiquette' involved, and if seems like "hazing" I assure you, personally that it is not.

We ALL brass for our brothers (and our 'sisters'), and our priority for new shooters is to teach them the safety rules, and to teach them how to be accepted by your fellow shooters.

Safety, first.

Then Etiquette.

Then the other stuff, such as being aware of how squads share the work (Taping, Brassing, and resetting Steel Targets).

We enjoy the company of new friends.

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