Tuesday, March 18, 2008

DC v Heller ... Early Vote Counts

The Countertop Chronicles : Freedom

There are plenty of smart people talking about whether the Supremes seem more or less inclined to decided that the Second Amendment acknowledges an Individual Right to own firearms ... including handguns.

Wayne LaPierre (who is not my favorite person) wrote today that he was "... confident the Second Amendment will soon return to the District. "

Well, he has to be confident, doesn't he?

But the NRA's live video forum "Cam & Company" video available today (sorry, no link ... it's live) included several people (including Jim Shepherd of 'The Shooting Wire' (not a permalink), who is one of my favorite people) who spoke eloquently for 2nd Amendment rights, and proposed that Justice Kennedy seemed to be amenable to the "individual right" interpretation.

Michael Bane has some podcasts ... software download NOT required ... discussing the issues. John Lott, Jim Shepherd, Dave Kopel, et al.

All in all, the prognosis is that the Second Amendment may be in effect everywhere in America, even in the District of Columbia.

Whether this decision may be applied in Chicago and New Jersey is yet to be determined.

Maybe tomorrow.

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