Tuesday, February 19, 2008


The Hobo Brasser point-shoots this video depicting a new design of full-auto shotgun. "It's the only large-bore weapon that's designed this way" That is to say, the recoil is 'totally' absorbed by the mechanism, which aids in accuracy

This video is available on YouTube here, where you can find other video demonstrations.

Most impressive is the "AA-12 Part 2" video, which shows men shooting the gun on full-auto without benefit of a shoulder-to-gun connection.

Yes, the videos show that the recoil does not cause the muzzle to rise, as is the case of ALL other full-auto weapons.

But as I watched the first minute of the original video, I noticed some dramatic misses ... usually UNDER the target, which suggests that the shooter was overcompensating for a non-existant muzzle rize.

The gun, when fired in semi-automatic mode, is capable of adequate ... even extreme ... accuracy, if the claims are to be believed. ("One hundred seventy five yard accurate fire", "You can put 12 rounds through a window at 100 yards in four seconds".)

Still, most people shooting a full-auto weapon WILL miss their target a significant percent of the time.


Because we get all excited when shooting full-auto, even if there is NO recoil-induced muzzle movement. We get so caught up with shooting a lot of ammo in a short time, we viscerally forget that the purpose of the exercise is to put the shot on the target, and then index to the next target.

This gun is (as is mentioned in the video) superbly qualified for certain specific missions. Case in point: "Clearing a room in an urban setting." I do admit that 'a lot' of 12-gauge shotgun rounds in a closed room is extremely intimidating, if not always effective. However, I'm not convinced that a full-auto shotgun is a military weapon whose time has come ....

... flashback: Viet Nam, 1969.
Dude, this would have been SO useful for point-men in a "search and destroy" mission. The problem has ever been that when you walk into an ambush, the only thing the point-men could do was lay down such a heavy base of fire that it would momentarily suppress incoming fire long enough to bail out of the kill-zone and allow your following squad, platoon or company to react to an 'instant ambush'.

Either that, or lay down to avoid being hit by enemy fire.l

Either that, or die.

Sometimes, hitting the target is not the only purpose of firing on an aggressor.
Sometimes, the best you can do is to so intimidate the enemy that they drop their volume of fire so you can escape the kill-zone.

I'm still not convinced that this new weapon is as effective as it is advertised to be in terms of lethal force.

But I am convinced that it has a certain level of effectiveness in terms of suppressing enemy fire.

In certain narrowly defined situations, it can bring a quantity of fire to bear with the effect of allowing elements of the advance party to egress an unsurvivable situation.

That alone is worth the price of admission.

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