Thursday, January 24, 2008

Kids, don't try this at home!

From a blogger known as "Dishhead", here's a cautionary tale of a Negligent Discharge at the loading bench.

Be aware that this website includes a lot of close-ups of the gunshot wounds. They are not for the squeamish, and perhaps NSFW (Not Safe For Work)

In his blog, he said he had been installing a new grip safety in his 1911 .45acp (Federal Hydro Shok ammunition", and was testing the safety when a loud noise startled him. Then he realized he was bleeding. Then the pain came.

He had a through-and-through in his right thigh above the knee, and then another through-and-through in his calf. Apparently, he didn't break any bones ... but there are some pieces of the bullet remaining in his leg.

"I got so used to handling guns and taking them apart and putting them together that safety measures became automatic." he said.

There are a lot of unanswered questions here, among them: "how did you end up with a loaded 1911 when you had just installed a Grip Safety? Surely you didn't work on the gun with a magazine inserted."

I'm grateful to Dishhead for posting this information. I know he's embarrassed, but a dedicated blogger will write about a personal event of this magnitude no matter the personal consequences. It not only illustrates the need to avoid a lackadaisical attitude when handling firearms, but it's a sure and certain way to increase traffic at your blog!

(Sorry, that last was rude but I couldn't resist the temptation.)

Or, as The Hobo Brasser delights in telling me:
"It may be that your purpose in life is to serve as a horrible example."

Dishhead has been updating this article daily. I'll certainly stay tuned to learned whether he is the luckiest man alive.

Xavier Thoughts wrote about this today, thanks for the link.


When I was talking to SWMBO tonite, describing the incident, she said: "I bet he has a flat spot on his forehead from pounding himself with his fist, saying 'stupid! stupid! stupid! "

We all know how easy it is to find ourself in that situation. Been there, done that ... but without the blood and the pain. Just the embarrassment.

I'm personally gratified to learn that I'm not the only reloader whose loading bench is the centerpiece in a disastrously messy work area.

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