Monday, January 14, 2008

Gun's link to Police Department Raises Concerns

Kimber America has come out with a 'hot new' SIS pistol (for LAPD's Special Investigation Section, see pistol video download here).

The Baltimore Sun cites concerns that selling a gun named for "an elite group of plainclothes detectives with a history of fatally shooting suspects" might in itself be problematic for LAPD and the city of Las Angeles, California.

"It is very disturbing," said [City of Las Angeles] Councilman Jack Weiss. "If any member of the public is shot with one of these guns, or heaven forbid a cop is shot with one of these guns, what would be the explanation?"
I don't know. How about "I told him to stop, and he started shooting at me, so I shot him!" Or "He was in the wrong place and wasn't prepared for trouble."

As if the LAPD isn't capable of getting into trouble all by itself, now they think they could 'get into trouble' if someone is shot by one of these handguns.

The name, and association, is actually a unilateral marketing ploy by Kimber. They have pledged $15 to a charitable institution associated with the LAPD.

LAPD officials said the department does not endorse the gun and has no control over how the gun maker markets the weapon. Police Chief William J. Bratton dismissed questions about the LAPD's role in the sale of the weapons as a "nonissue," calling it "foolish."

Capt. Kyle Jackson, head of the Robbery Homicide Division, who oversees SIS, said the department did not request that the SIS initials be placed on the guns. And, he said, Kimber did not need the department's permission to sell the weapons.

"It isn't trademarked," Jackson said. "No one at the LAPD is profiting from this. This is not an endorsement."

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