Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Bad Ideas ...

Leaving your handgun stuck under the couch cushions where your 5-year-old son can unwittingly bump into it .. and shoot himself in the leg.

Putting a loaded pistol under your 6-year-old daughter's pillow.

Putting your loaded shotgun (round chambered) shotgun in the back of the pickup with your excited dog ... where he can step on the safety AND the trigger.

Making up arguments against the 2nd Amendment on the grounds that ... as you are the District of Columbia, restrictions on 'states' do not apply to you, risking the response that if you aren't a state you ain't dick, dude.

Bragging on the Internet that you're going to travel from England to Afghanistan on a 'mission of revenge', and asking "Pray that I kill many, Brother. Revenge, revenge, revenge!"

Being the leader of the "Socialist Left" party in Norway, and proposing taxes on 'use of coastal waters' on the grounds that :

"Townships should demand to be paid for use of areas in the coastal zone... [t]here's a lot of pressure on use of the seas, and there's a need to regulate it. A tax can inspire the townships to improve coastal resources, because they'd get paid for it."

They want to impose a new tax on use of coastal waters, a proposal that would put an additional tax burden on such core Norwegian businesses as seafood production and offshore operations.")
Wheeling your dead room-mate in a wheelchair in front of a check-cashing station and trying to cash his social security check at the same place where Dead Friend was personally known, on the grounds that "he's right out there, dude!" while a crowd (including a policeman) gathered about to comment on the obvious corpse.

Some days, you just have to wonder:

What were they thinking!

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