Thursday, October 18, 2007

The rest of the story

The Story: - Dallas Man Shoots, Kills Second Burglar In 1 Month

A 70 year old veteran and business owner shot and killed a man who was attempting to burgle his place of business. This is the second burglar he has killed in the past three weeks.

The businessman, James Walton, was not arrested after either shooting. However, his two shotguns were confiscated and a Grand Jury will hear the question about whether he should face any penalties.

The Back Story:
Rebecca Aquilar, a local Fox News television affiliate reporter, found Walton returning to his car in a shopping center parking lot after he bought a new shotgun. Positioning herself inside his open car door (so that he was unable to leave), she questioned him despite his repeated statements that he didn't want to talk to her or to have his face shown:
"Are you a trigger happy kind of person? Is that what you wanted to do, shoot to kill?"
The Rest Of The Story:
The video of the newscast was all over the Internet for three days, until the television station caused it to be removed because it was "proprietary material".

The station then suspended the reporter. Supposedly, for 'journalistic improprieties'. We call it "ambush journalism".

No doubt they were embarrassed by their own lack of journalistic ethics. Didn't they send her on the story? Don't they have an editorial board to review and approve features before are broadcast? That seems the be the question of the day.

Breitbart.TV News, however, created an 8-minute video which features 'selections' from that original video, which is a legitimate usage of proprietary material (as opposed to publishing the entire content) along with appropriate commentary. This makes the TV station actions the focus of the story.

Sondra K ("Knowledge Is Power") has the link to the Breitbart.TV News feature, as well as links to other explanatory text. Rather than put the same links here, I suggest you go to the Sondra K. feature. She did the legwork, she deserves the traffic. (Read the comments appended the the Breitbart video, to see the sense of outrage it generated.)

Besides, "Knowledge is Power" is a fascinating blog and one which I visit at least two or three times a week. I may be moving it to the 'Websites that I visit every day' section of my sidebar.

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