Thursday, August 24, 2006

Gargantuan Gunsite Gossip: V1 #2 1984

Do you remember that I mentioned earlier the problem with reading Jeff Cooper's GGG books?

Yeah, that's right.

There's so much "good stuff" in it you can't hope but bookmark it.

The problem is, you end up with bookmarks on every page. Any attempt to be 'more selective' is bound for disappointment. It's nearly impossible NOT to find memorable comments or essays on every page.

I know this is true. I tried.

Therefore, I'm going to present a few of the 'memorable' quotes here, and on future articles. I'll probably drop a quote or two here and there in blog articles which aren't obviously intended for the purpose too.

I don't do this to enlighten you, although that may happen.
I do this so I can get the toilet paper and kleenex bookmarks out of my book, so it closes the way it should.

Are you ready?

Okay here we GO-o-o-o-o-o-o!

Question: "What is the first principle of knife throwing in combat?"
Answer: "Don't."

Basic self-defense: when you have only one weapon, and it is designed for close-combat, don't throw it away by attempting to turn it into a missile-weapon. You probably aren't trained for or effective in that, and the weapon is certainly not designed for that.

But of course, Cooper said the same thing, but more efficiently and more poetically (if such a word can be implied.)

This is why we're quoting Cooper. The comments are just to separate the quotes.

To shrink from proffered violence is not only dishonorable but futile. Whenever a man, clan or nation makes a policy of submission to deadly threat, social order is consciously subordinated to evil. Thus, the only moral and effective response to a threat is the stop-thrust.

Now the Free World faces the terrible problem of the Iranian bomb-riders. Anywhere -- outside the Soviet Union or China -- an Iranian will blow you up, together with himself, if you do not do what his masters command. And anytime you yield to that command another will be forthcoming -- at whim. We cannot live with that. And we cannot just hope that it will go away.

What do you propose?
It's amazing that the things Cooper said TWELVE YEARS AGO are so pertinent to the world today. But then, that's why we're quoting him today.

When you think about it (if you think about it), this is entirely applicable to the following quote.

It's all about submission, and when we get to the 21st century we'll learn a LOT about that!

"At the heart of socialism lies the fallacy that human problems can be solved by social reorganization."
Solzhenitsyn, of course, was familiar with the very heart of Soviet "Socialism". He wasn't really familiar with the modern Socialism, which is gutting Europe today. He thought that Russia was the very model of the modern Major Socialist Country. But of course, that was Communism and as such was much gentler than 21st Century Socialism.

Except for Stalin's starvation of millions of peasants, of course. The modern Europeans have a long way to go ... but they're working on that.

The Islamofascists are determined to contribute in any way they can.

We'll have to wait for Cooper's Volume II to address that.


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