Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Extra! Cooper Retreats!

Here's something you've not seen often.

In his latest "Jeff Cooper's Commentaries" (Volume 14, March), The Colonel makes a remarkable statement:

These lever-action rifles have proven most satisfactory over the years, but I feel that my devotion to the bolt-action principle was not totally justified. Actually reaction type makes little difference in field service. If you shoot well, you do not generally use a second shot. Recovery from recoil enables the shooter to operate any sort of action - including a single-shot - if he works at it.

My respect and admiration for this remarkable man is increased by his acceptance of the possibility that he may have been ... well, not wrong, but perhaps not 100% right.

(Have I used enough weasel words for one day?)

It's difficult for me to suggest error from this source. I've read Cooper for hears, going back to Cooper's Corner (as I have mentioned repeatedly) and thanks to the good offices of the Dillon I was able to acquire both Gunsite Gunsight Gossip volumes. I'm rereading the first, and soon will get to dive into Volume Two.

What surprises me, in re-reading Volume One, is not that I have forgotten so much of what he wrote earlier, but that so much of his writings are familiar.

It's like visiting an old friend, and I do hope The Colonel finds no further cause to find fault.

Life's to short.

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