Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Kudos to Michael Bane's Shooting Gallery: The Outdoor Channel

I been on blogging-hiatus, and recently catching up on my blogging, and my blog-reading.

Michael Bane's "Shooting Gallery" now includes dynamic hot-links to recent articles from blogs which, apparently, are linked to in his personal website. (I assume that the links are automatic and dynamic, because it has a link to an article that I wrote less than an hour ago.)

I'm flattered that it caught my latest IPSC-related article. He's temp-linked (not a permalink for that website, I'm sure) to the IPSC Practice article I wrote earlier tonite. I'm reluctant to publish this update, as it will wipe out the earlier link ... I think.

You can see that IPSC PRACTICE article here.

You can see Michael's Outdoor Channel website online,. and it is now linked on my links sidebar as:

Michael Bane's Shooting Gallery: The Outdoor Channel

Thanx, Michael. I owe you.

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