Tuesday, February 28, 2006

In Dutch with The Dutch

Cartoons: The End of Europe’s Tolerance? - Newsweek: International Editions - MSNBC.com

Do you remember when The Dutch use to be Mister Saturday Night of the Continent? Mister Nice Guy.?

You know, wooden shoes, tulips galore, Zuider Zee means we're all in this together, Dutch Boys holding back the flood waters with a single digit for the Greater Good, Dutch Masters such as Rambrandt, Celebrate Diversity?

No more.

Today, they have stolen the Look&Feel of Peter Finch in "Network". They're hanging out of the gabled windows screaming "I'M MAD AS HELL, AND I'M NOT GOING TO TAKE IT ANY MORE!"

They're tired of the riots.

They're tired of having their commercial products boycotted, their embassies burned, their expatriate citizens being assaulted.

They're tired of having foreigners demand that they no longer exercise their freedom of speech.

They're tired of having their movie makers shot, stabbed and exsanguinated on the newly mean streets of Amsterdam.

They're tired of having immagrants ("welcome to our shores!") preach hatred of their culture, their moral values, and their religion.

It is as if they had taken in a homeless person (in the millions), to nurture and to include in their family, and now they find they must protect their back from the alien knife when their only intention was to offer sanctuary and succor to a guest.

As of today, in The Netherlands it is not permitted to speak any language except the home language in public. The burqua may not be worn in public. (No word yet on jewish skullcaps or Catholic crosses.)

Muslim Imams must be 'vetted' to insure that they accept the values of the indiginous culture. Those who don't seem to embrace the rights of their hosts are educated in the 'normal' values. If the imams don't pass the test, or who later demonstrate that they have disingenuously avered an acceptance of the moral values of the country while privately rejecting them, are required to leave the county as unsavory characters.

No more will they allow Imams to preach sedition and revolution and Jihad in the mosque.

No more will they allow muslims to riot, burn and pillage for the sake of religious fervor.

No more will they allow muslims to import young girls, keeping them pent up in 3rd floor apartments and failing to learn acceptance of Dutch culture and language.

No more will they allow immigrants to rape with impunity, and indulge in 'honor killings'.

No more will they allow immigrants to divide their country because these 'guests' refuse to accept civilized values.

The Dutch are taking their country back. If it insults imported extreme religious priorities ... well, too bad. It's their country, and they didn't fight the Nazi's just to save their country and culture for a latter-day fascist invasion.

I say, good for them.

It's about time they acted like they had the cojones to assert the worth of their own culture.

If the immigrants don't like it, they can rethink the reasons why they moved there in the first place.

Extreme situations call for extreme measures, and continuing with their "Mister Nice Guy" persona in gthe context of this assault from within just ain't working for them.

The immigrants who make the extreme effort to move to a new home, and then choose to undermine the structure of that new country, risk reaping the whirlwind.

The whirlwind is now in force, and it has no patience for seditionists.

So be it.

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