Thursday, January 05, 2006

January General

Vote For Your 2005 Today's Toons Favorites (Preliminary Round)
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Here's an idea .... Read Mark Steyn!

If you don't read him daily, there's no better time than NOW to start.

His latest (as of right NOW!) is "It's The Demography, Stupid!"
The real reason the West is in danger of extinction.

The Smallest Minority links to Lileks for more .....

If this doesn't run chillls up and down your spine, you must be a Flaming Liberal (who thinks this future is "just fine")

H/T: WorldNet Daily

Mr. Completely has a great idea for demonstrating the idiocy of anti-hunters.


(H/T ... Mr. Completely)
I have participated in two BoomerShoots to date, and it was always worth the drive.

Joe Huffman plans once again to demonstrate the indefatigable drive of the Western Male to go to exotic places and blow things up.

Expect rainy weather, expect 2pm winds from the west which will drive your bullets far from the target, and expect to have a great time while experiencing wind, rain, awkward positions and highly reactive targets.

I still have the t-shirt I got at the 2001 "Big Bang", and I still haven't worn it. For a while, I thought to donate it to Kim DuTuit in recognition of his splendid blogging. But it pissed me off when he closed down his KDT blog in favor of the "Nation of Riflemen" forum, so I'm keepin' it. (Hey, it's my blog, it's my shirt, and I can be pissed of for illogical reasons if I want to!)

Maybe I'll snap a picture of the shirt next week. Or not. Depends on my mood, which is mercurial. Besides, the shirt is still clean and has the creases from theoriginal folds. (Also, it's already too darn small for me to wear.)

In preparation for the first (1999) BoomerShoot I attended, I sent an email to Joe describing the conditions I expected to encounter. It's still up on his website, under the heading "How to prepare for your Boomershoot experience (Sixteen Helpful Hints for the Boomershoot)".

Joe, and my friend Bumstead, are determined to never let me forget that a list of 16 items should be expected to include sixteen points. Nonsense. I was just leaving Bumstead room for a response.

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