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2006 CCS Major Match Schedule

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Billing itself (rightly!) as "The Hottest Section in the USPSA", Columbia Cascade Section (CCS) in Oregon announced today the latest committment to host a major match:

The Multi-gun National National Championships

Here's the entire list, taken directly from the Section website:

Six (Yes 6!) major matches this year.

June: Area 1 Championships at the Newly Improved Tri-County Club, Sherwood, OR

July: The Tenth Annual Oregon Single Stack Championships at ARPC, Albany, OR

July: USPSA Multi-Gun National Championships at ARPC, Albany, OR

Aug: Columbia-Cascade Section Championships at ARPC, Albany, OR

Sept: Crocodile Dundee Banzai Ballistic Challenge Match (Crazy Croc) Dundee, OR

Sept: The Second Annual Oregon Glock Championships at ARPC, Albany, OR

(Please inquire of Mike McCarter at for details.)

I've written about the CCS Sectional, the Single Stack Championship, and the Croc Match during the past year. I haven't attended a 3-gun or multi-gun match, or a Glock match for that matter; and it has been a couple of years since I attended an Area 1 championship.

Like most people in the section, I'm very excited about the huge list of major matches which are being presented locally this year. This is the most ambitious year yet for this energetic section, and full credit should be given to Section Coordinator Mike "Mac" McCarter.

This boisterous line-up of IPSC and IPSC-type competition wouldn't have been possible without the extensive and expensive range improvements which have taken place at the ARPC and Tri-County ranges. I've mentioned them here before, in greater detail, but I can summarize them briefly: twelve bays at ARPC, THIRTEEN bays at Tri-County. Both ranges include four or five bays measuring about 100 feet on a side, and all bays are (or will be, by this summer) deeply graveled to make them all-weather usable.

The huge bays are supplemented by a number of smaller bays, which allows them to present a variety of stage designs using the available range area most efficiently.

Incidently, Tri County Gun Club is presenting it's Second Annual All-Shotgun ("Shotty") match this weekend, February 4, 2006. I attended the first annual Shotty last August, and came away with a killer shoulder bruise that took weeks to recover from. I'll probably be unavailable for this year's match, as I have to take my car into the Les Schwab tire store to fix the flat I found when I started out for the Dundee IPSC match last Saturday. Too bad, because I would like to attend the match just to take some photographs for the Geek Shooting Gallery! But I don't think I can make it up there in time for the 9am starting time, and I don't have a 'practical' shotgun.

Here's the blurb from TCGC club rep Rich Whitten:

The next IPSC 3-Gun match is this Saturday, and will be an all shotgun match. You will need at least 61 games loads and 10 buckshot - no slugs required. Setup starts at 7:30 AM, and the match will begin at 9AM.

If you're interested, you can email Rich at

Back to the Major Match Schedule.

I'll be competing in at least the Croc Match, the Sectional Match, the Single Stack Match and the Area 1 match. However, I may be working the Area 1 match as an RO, if I can talk SWMBO into doing the same and we get to work a stage together. And of course, I'll be there with my trusty Geek-Cam for as many matches as I can manage


Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usIt's going to be a great competitive year in Oregon. If you can find the time, and if you're at all interested in competing in some of the most innovative matches in America, come on up and join us.

By all means, if you see us at the match, stop and say hello to SWMBO and me!

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