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Keyword Searches, reloading cautions

I use a 'blog statistics service' called statscounter to keep track of who is referencing this blog, and why, when, how, and . . . if they arrived here as the result of a 'keyword search' (Google, Yahoo, etc) what they were looking for that brought them here. I thought you might be interested, so . . . Here's what my recent stats look like. (Note: don't bother clicking on the 'little drill down arrow", you won't get any usable information. I was just too lazy to pull the embedded code out of the cut&paste data.)

Keyword Analysis (jerrydgeek) 4th December 2005

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Did you prefer the old keyword analysis? That's ok. We still have it, it's just called "recent keyword activity" now.

Num Perc.Search Term
drill down48.16%dundee shooting club
drill down48.16%jerrydgeek blog
drill down48.16%albany ipsc
drill down36.12%target taper
drill down24.08%.38 super in single-stack division
drill down24.08%bb gun age, massachusetts
drill down24.08%cossa ipsc
drill down24.08%oregon unsolved murders .net
drill down12.04%steven cooper and marion county and oregon
drill down12.04%practical shotgun
drill down12.04%glock√£€€custom ipsc
drill down12.04%alyrica
drill down12.04%crime story luca torello
drill down12.04%dennis farina
drill down12.04%uspsa classifier ranking
drill down12.04%ralph reiminger
drill down12.04%03a3 heat treated bolt replacement
drill down12.04%nancy sinatra video boots are walking on dvd
drill down12.04%clackamas kimber production numbers
drill down12.04%aftec extractor
drill down12.04%science fair project on aspirins
drill down12.04%producer mandy davis
drill down12.04%gerry kisses eva mendes
drill down12.04%samuel alioto's background in the court system
drill down12.04%never point an rpg at the marines
drill down12.04%uspsa 2005 championship results area 1 bill
drill down12.04%svt-40 carbine
drill down12.04%lv cop accidental discharge
drill down12.04%john weil new orleans
drill down12.04%66 year old and male intruder and texas
drill down12.04%38 super comp load data
drill down12.04%gma interview with susan gaylord buxton
drill down12.04%waddell's restaurant portland

49 100.00%

I don't know why COGITO ERGO GEEK was listed on some of these search results. For example: I've never heard of ralph reiminger, but I was found here. I suspect it was because of the following statement, which was included in my commentary on CRIME STORY:

Mann and co-creators Chuck Adamson and Gustave Reiminger envisioned CRIME STORY ...
This only proves that when you run a search, you may find some incidental hits that pique your interest.

Some of the hits results because I have mentioned words which are part of the search criteria. What these people found may not have been what they were looking for.

An example of this is in the search for
03a3 heat treated bolt replacement
I'm sure I have mentioned the 1903/A3 rifle, which was the US Army's primary infantry arm during WWII until the Garand took over. It's a fine rifle, I have two of them (one converted into .25-06 caliber and entirely sporterized by my father), and the other a match-grade rifle which, as far as I know, has only been used in competition.

But I have absolutely no knowledge about "heat treated bolt replacement". To whomever submitted this search: I sure wish I could help, but I only shoot 'em, I don't build 'em.

Another hit which was (probably) unsatisfying is:
38 super comp load data
I've talked about the .38 Super, and mentioned that since I've installed the AFTEC extractor I am able to shoot both .38 Super and .38 Super Comp ammunition with 100% reliable extraction . . . even when I mix the two cases in the same magazine. (For what it's worth, I don't see a penny's worth of difference between the two cases, and I include in the comparison AP brass and .38 TJ, although I believe the latter is rumored to feature thicker case reinforcement near the base which would enable the case to restrain bigger pressure spikes caused by shooting heavy loads with very fast-burning powders. I'm only forwarding rumor here, I have no personal knowledge that this is or is not true.)

Naturally, if people are interested in these subjects, and are being directed to my website by the search engines, I would like to be a viable resource to them by providing the data they're obviously after. I can't do that in most instances.

I COULD provide some .38 super load data, but I don't choose to take the responsibility of providing load data to someone who would use it in a pistol which is not engineered to handle the pressures generated by this load.

I COULD mention that I use 8.0 grains of Vihta Vourhi N350 powder behind a 115 grain FMJ bullet from Montana Gold, that I use either Winchester Small Rifle or the CCI equivalent interchangeably, that I use these loads in both an STI Tru-Bore and an STI Competitor compensated 'race' pistols with similar results of an average velocity of 1471 FPS. I could even mention that I use the same load in any piece of .38 Super brass I happen to pick up on the range, as long as the brass isn't obviously overstressed (specifically: longitudinal splits, usually at the case mouth, would cause me to reject the brass.)

But I don't want to present myself as a reloading guru. In fact, I'm probably one of the worst reloaders I know. I don't really TEST loads. I look up load data from Jeff Maas's loading pages, usually, or talk to someone I know who uses the same or similar loads successfully. I start out with the same componenents at a much lower powder charge, and try several versions with slightly higher charges . . . but never higher than referenced. When I find one that works, that chronographs consistently at Major Power, and shows no obvious evidence of overpressure (usually shows up in flattened primers, then smeared primers or primers being punctured by the firing pin, or 'ridging' at the firing pin indentation, and ultimately in badly bulged cases) I stop testing except to see if I can get good performance using the compensated guns at a lower charge. And then I stop, and use it.

I don't really research load combinations. I never try to re-invent the wheel. And I never, NEVER take chances.

A 'bad' load could detonate in the gun, with unwanted results. It could damage or even destroy the gun. It could throw out metal fragments and/or burning gasses which would either cut or cause flesh burns in my precious personal flesh. It could cause the same damage to someone who happens to use ammunition I've reloaded. It could injure standing near the shooter when a reloading-caused accident occurs.

So if you think you have learned something about reloading from these remarks, remember the cautionary comments. remember any product names I've mentioned, and ignore what you may believe to be a recommended bullet-weight or powder charge. Think carefully before you use the load data you get from ANYONE, and certainly do not try to use the same data to build ammunition for you to use in your gun.

For example, I never mentioned how deep I seated the bullet. It makes a tremendous difference in the pressure which is generated within the cartridge, and this is the factor which causes cases to burst (the most common cause of injuries in pistol competition). I won't tell you what the overall length (OAL) of my loaded ammunition is, because I don't want you to try to duplicate it.

If you DO use load data from someone else, make sure you have the OAL and don't make your loaded cartridges any shorter . . . which compacts the powder more and increases both the heighth and duration of the pressure spike. Also, make sure you're using exactly the same case and the same bullet, because the OAL may not tell you how deeply the bullet is actually seated in the case. Different bullet designs (even from the same manufacturer) may have a longer or shorter ogive, and cause any given bullet to be seated hundredths of an inch deeper into the case. This is significant, and so is any crimping which is applied to hold the bullet in place. Of other significance is the chamber dimensions and design of a given gun, the manufacturer of the case (different internal capacity, different thickness of the case wall at the most frequent point of failure . . . the web of the case just forward of the base); whether a compensator is an integral part of the gun and the design of the compensator; the length of the barrel.

Yes, there are too many variables for one poor Geek to comfortably provide reloading data, so I'm not going to do it.

Final advisory: NEVER use reloading data from someone who identifies himself as "one of the worst reloaders I know".

If he has no confidence in the safety of his reloading data, you should avoid using it.

PS: neither do I know anything about:
gerry kisses eva mendes

but I do have this link to Eva Mendes.

I don't know who 'gerry' is, but I assure you that I have never kissed Eva Mendes (don't know her, either).

Heck, if I DID know Eva Mendes, and I DID try to kiss her, I would be twice killed; first by Eva Mendes, and then by SWMBO.

It ain't worth it.

Besides, my name is spelled 'Jerry' or 'Geek', not "gerry". *

Honest, honey, I swear! . . . .

*(Even SWMBO calles me 'Geek'!)

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