Monday, February 21, 2005

USPSA Ohio Section Classifier Percentage Calculators

UPDATE: 14 April, 2008
This link is obsolete. see here for the current link.

USPSA Ohio Section Classifier Percentage Calculators

Hat Tip to Normie:
"Flex" provided this URL, which allows you to enter your hit-factor and division to determine your probable National ranking on USPSA Classifier Stages. I've tried it, and the results were within a few hundredths of the actual position assigned by USPSA.'

You can give it a try, and perhaps discover how you are likely to be seeded based on your Classifer scores ... before USPSA gets around to publishing the current results.

Or, you can use it to hypothesize how quickly you need to complete a give Classifier stage, given a ssupposed degree of accuracy.

Whatever works for you. My experience is that this handy tool is surprisingly accurate, and it helps to answer the question: "What IS the Top Score for this classifier?"

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