Wednesday, September 07, 2016


IRS refuses to abandon targeting criteria used against tea party, conservative groups - Washington Times: ]
The IRS is refusing to recant the targeting criteria it used to single out tea party groups for intrusive scrutiny, according to court filings made public Wednesday that show the tax agency still struggling with the fallout from the scandal.
... and the Federal Government is just fine with a Rogue Agency which arbitrarily imposes significant burdens on groups based on their political affiliation.

Well, the Obama group promised to be "... the most transparent administration in history ...", and they have fulfilled their promise.

Surprise!  "They" have been quite up-front and open about their refusal to perform their sworn duty, which is to uphold the law.   (Arrogantly so, because they know they have the reins of power and the Public  (you and me, etc.) is too ignorant, ill-informed, and/or complaisant to do anything about it.)

 That doesn't mean that the Obama Administration is the most FAIR administration.

The mission of the Executive Branch of government is to execute (uphold) the law of the land.

When that branch refuses to perform its sworn duty, what is a poor naive populace to do?

We've already seen that this administration refuses to enforce immigration laws, now it refuses to execute its duty in regards to tax laws.   And they can get away with that, because ... Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

The answer seems to be that NOBODY can force the Executive Branch to perform it's sworn duty.

Well, the Courts can ... but they haven't.

And the Legislature can ... but they haven't.

And the People can ... oh, but they cannot!

Sorry, Charley; you're screwed.  And there's not a darn thing you can do about it.


Anonymous said...

The federal court judges for the most part are beholden to the current administration, and if not, the administration just ignores their orders. The opposition party is afraid that the administration might call them racist and/or accuse them of shutting the government down if they do anything to bring the administration to heel. The people can vote, but then elections can be rigged so even that alternative might not work. We are truly screwed.

Anonymous said...

Well said, Sir Geek.