Thursday, August 25, 2016

“Making legal arms illegal is infringement.”

Alan Korwin:
... No degree of legal wrangling, court justifications, developed legal theories, codified opinions, law review articles, so-called popular opinion, telephons or other attempts to rationalize away the obvious can negate the fact that outlawing legal property is an abuse of power, plain and simple. The heinous excuse of outlawing property as a response to crime, the jihad or international threats is among the most corrupt, reprehensible and offensive. These are intolerable acts.
 If guns we have today are declared illegal , that by its very nature infringes our right to keep and bear those arms. Such action is banned -- and ultimately banned by the very firearms themselves.
 But America now has a candidate running whose very platform includes going after arms held by the people. And her followers are so poorly educated on the subject they cheer her -- and her insanely heavily armed cohorts. The irony is beyond Orwellian. It's time for the political class to understand that governement (sic) on these civil rights exceeds delegated power, and the consequences of usurpation are too high to risk. Just so we're clear: “Making legal arms illegal is infringement.” ...
This is the bare bones: go read it for the meat.

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