Thursday, July 14, 2016

No Guns For Kids?

No guns for kids?

Latest Gun Control Legislation Takes Aim at Children, and Reveals a Sinister Truth – Bearing Arms:
Posted at 3:05 pm on July 13, 2016 by Jenn Jacques
Senator Edward J. Markey and Congressman Ruben Gallego introduced new legislation that claims will “ensure that powerful, military-style weapons don’t end up in the hands of children”. The Help End Assault Rifle Tragedies (HEART) Act of 2016 as announced by Markey and Gallego claims to protect children by prohibiting anyone under the age of 16 from possessing or firing machine guns and assault weapons, specifying that the law would extend to gun shows and shooting ranges. However, the bill clearly aims to shut down all youth shooting sports and young hunters’ ability to participate in any activity that uses guns.
[emphasis added]
So, how am I going to teach my grandchildren how to shoot?

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