Thursday, June 30, 2016

Putin Rattling Sabers ... Again

Now furious Putin threatens WAR against the West as NATO bolsters troops at Russian border | World | News | Daily Express:
The ruthless Kremlin leader is taking an aggressive hard-line stance on NATO’s military action close to Russian soil by vowing to “neutralise potential threats” as tension in the region builds. British, American, German and Canadian troops are currently situated on the Russian border in the Baltic region as part of the Eastern European deterrent force.
So Rasputin (Sorry ... "Putin" .. he should live so long!) feels obliged to get all hissy-fit because some bumbling westerners are having a Jamboree camp-out in his 'hood.

"Are you looking at ME?"

As if The West didn't have its own problems.

Why, just today a Kraut Swat Team found a ton of illegal guns "near a German Mosque".
(Okay, it was actually in a Delicatessen, but thank *OD the Germans were too P.C. to point a finger at the Jews!)

In the meantime, this is what a REAL Saber  SABRE Dance looks like; as performed by the
"Armenian National Dance Ansamble" (sic)
 Music by Aram Khatchatarian. *

* (If you're as ignorant as I am, you probably recognize the music but never knew its name.)


Anonymous said...

In June, 1941 Germany massed troops on Russia's borders. Invasion and the deaths of untold millions followed. No wonder Russians get worried when German troops appear on their border.

Jerry The Geek said...

Yes, and many of these 'dying millions' were the same German troops.

They chose the worst time of the year to invade Russia ... by the time they got close enough to Moscow to be considered a threat, they were facing a Russian Winter.

The Germans did not even have materials to clean and service their firearms ... the lubricants they used froze up and disabled their rifles. (The Russians had developed lubricants which were 'all-weather' friendly.

It ultimately revolved around the battle of Stalingrad. While Germans were trying to get their tanks started, Russians still had a few running; less than the Germans had started, but enough to make a difference.

The Battle of Stalingrad devolved to a Sniper War, and Russians were entrenched and prepared with their "crude" rifles which still worked.

The Germans did actually manage to get in sight of Moscow. Then they began their sad long retreat.

Just as Napoleon had done, a little bit earlier.

Russians may not have the best equipment and the best troops; but they had "good enough", which was enough to beat the army which The World had previously considered the finest in the world.

Anonymous said...

Two military maxims: Never git involved in a land war on the Asian Continent; Never ever try to take on the mighty Red Army.