Sunday, June 26, 2016

Murderer's Row

At Pulse Memorial, Obama Blasts Republicans For Arming Terrorists - Breitbart:
Standing at the memorial for the victims of the terrorist attack at a gay night club in Orlando, Florida, President Barack Obama implicitly blamed Republicans for the attack because they blocked gun control laws.


Gun Control laws CAUSED the massive deaths, there and in other public places which we shall identify as "Murderer's Row".

How DARE Obama blame a political party for this monstrosity!

NO "gun control laws" would have prevented that killing, and for Obama to take political advantage of this tragedy is like a hyena feeding upon the leavings of an African predator,

But to liken Obama to a Hyena is to desegregate Hyenas.
 Also Jackals, Dingos, and other bottom feeders,


Which is more lovable?

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Anonymous said...

Warts and all, he is our twice elected president for the next six months. Our news media tell us that 52% of the people think he is doing a good job.