Tuesday, May 31, 2016

For NPR, "Gun Control" equals "KumBaya"

Hillary Clinton is now running her Presidential Campaign on the bodies of young black men.

A recent article on the National Public Radio website exemplified why it is considered so demonstrably liberal that one wonders why it is publicly funded ... by our tax money.

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton Clash Over Gun Rights : NPR:

Here's the story of a black woman whose son was shot down
Queen Brown has told the story for years now, and it shows.
But it doesn't sound rehearsed. It sounds lived in, thought over, played on repeat over and over again. The story of her son, Eviton Elijah Brown, killed nine years ago, shot by a man Eviton didn't even know.
Eviton had been a student at Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University, or FAMU, before he was shot. He took some time off from school, to work after his girlfriend got pregnant. He was staying at home with his mother. One day, after a long double shift driving trucks, Eviton came home, exhausted.
His mother made him one of his favorite meals: a fried egg, cooked medium, with garlic powder on top, and some bagels, toasted in the oven. Then Queen Brown stepped out to run an errand. She would never see her son alive again. That would be the last meal she'd ever make for him.
"My son was tired when he died," Brown said. "But I felt good, because he wasn't hungry."
 That's touching.  And so pertinent.  Hillary thought so, too, so she invited "Queen Brown" to her "circle of mothers".  

(Eviton Elijah Brown sounds like the salt of the earth, and he probably was a very good young man.  Searching through the internet, it's almost impossible to find the details of his death; but the text you read above is copied word for word on almost every website found after a GOOGLE search of his name.)

 Which has nothing to do either with Hillary's Election Campaign, or the song-and-dance Hillary is using him to orchestrate.  (Does anyone think that Hillary just became BFF with his mom because they happened to meet at the same aerobics class and recognized that they had so much in common?)
The Circle of Mothers schedule includes not just seminars, but an aerobics class and even two hours of "glam time." "We do a lot of hugging," Queen Brown said of the event. "We do a lot of crying. We do a lot of back rubbing. We connect with ourselves."
 Clinton is trying to draw major distinctions between herself and Donald Trump, the presumptive Republican nominee, on guns. Trump was recently endorsed by the National Rifle Association, and when receiving that endorsement, he said the Second Amendment is "under attack" and "on the ballot in November."
Actually, what Hillary is 'trying' to do, is to present herself as a person who cares.
Which is kind of a difficult balancing act, as she recently tried to convince firearms owners that she cared about them, too.

That is amazing, since there are so many things she does NOT care about!

She doesn't care about The Law which as a U.S. Senator she has been sworn to protect and defend (eg: "The Email Scandals")'

She doesn't care about her husband (eg: "The Bill Clinton Bimbo Scandals")

She doesn't care about protecting American interests and personnel (eg: "The Bengazi Scandals")

She doesn't even care about National Security (eg: "The Email Scandals")

And she doesn't care about The Constitution, (eg: "The Australian Gun Ban")

What DOES she care about?

Actually, the The Most Important Thing That Hillary Cares About. is GETTING ELECTED!!!!!

Toward that end, she will do anything, say anything, espouse any public issue which makes her seem to be A Real person, even though she is not.

Getting back to the original premise of this story, National Public Radio (our tax money at work, remember?) is working hard to get Hillary elected.  And with a clear conscience, since Hillary seems to imply that this is The Right Thing To Do.

Toward that end, they are willing to do anything, say anything, air anything which will support that purely political agenda.

See what we did there?

We just equated NPR with Hillary's Political Agenda.

Which probably doesn't come as a surprise.

SO:  As A Public Service .. we present the following instructional video for your edification.

Watch, listen, and learn.  There will be a test on your understanding, in November.



Mark said...

actually i think getting elected is second to Hillary, money grubbing is first.

Anonymous said...

You forgot the Clinton Foundation scandals, hillary approving selling arms to foreign countries as Sec. of State in exchange for contributions. Oh, don't forget selling our Uranium to Russia for the same reason.

Anonymous said...

Thank You for a beautiful song and photography.