Tuesday, April 04, 2017

Campus Carry: Thoughts

Inside the Fight Over Guns on Campus - Rolling Stone: How a group of students teamed up with the gun lobby to get firearms in the classroom at over 200 colleges – and counting.

Living (as I do) in a "college town", it seems both appropriate and significant that college students are becoming more aware of certain significant facts:
  • If you are disarmed in a kill zone, you are a statistic
  • If you are armed in a kill zone, you are less likely to be (a statistic).
  • Yielding to the demand of a "mass killer" is not a "friendly gesture"; it is volunteerism in a venue where a willing killer seeks victims

Significant quote:
Shortly after the Virginia Tech shooting, in 2007, Republican presidential candidate Fred Thompson suggested the massacre might have been averted had other students been armed. The comment was met with national ridicule; even the NRA's Wayne LaPierre disavowed the idea. But for a small group of conservative college students, mostly in the South and West, it was a rallying cry. One of them, an undergrad at the University of North Texas, launched a Facebook group: Students for Concealed Carry on Campus, or SCCC (later shortened to SCC). 

"... the massacre might have been averted had other students been armed. "

What a concept.  
Someone besides me should have voted for Fred.   
Sure, he is an oddball ... but what have we now?

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Anonymous said...

Haven't collages and universities instituted multiple safe zones?