Friday, April 07, 2017

Bows and Arrow Not Mentioned

Registration .... the next step is Confiscation

Navajo Nation considers implementing gun registration - ABC15 Arizona:

 PHOENIX - Navajo Nation Tribal Council officials are reviewing a proposal that would require tribal land residents to register their firearms. The Daily Times reports the proposed bill would require residents to register firearms such as automatic guns, rifles and shotguns to the Navajo Nation Police Department.
 The bill would allow the police department to maintain a registry which would include the firearm's serial number, registration date and the owner's name and address.
"... automatic guns"?)

This is wrong in so many ways.
Delegate Davis Filfred says the measure would create accountability for gun owners and make identifying gun owners easier for police.
(Photo: Iron Eyes Cody ... NOT an Indian)

So ... Indians not only are depicted by Italians in the movies, but they now have anti-gun infringements imposed on them which are not shared by non-indians.

"First they came for the  Jews... Navajos, but I was not a Jew Navaho, and so I did not speak out", 

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Anonymous said...

On Indian land they are like a sovereign nation and can make their own laws.