Friday, March 17, 2017

Loser ... loses

How long does it take YOU to find a loaded gun, when a bizarre stranger knocks on your door?

A Moncks Corner resident defended his family Tuesday by fatally shooting a masked man who broke into his home carrying rope and a pistol with a laser sight, authorities said the next day. The homicide of 30-year-old Elijah Akeem White Jr. of North Charleston was deemed justifiable, and the homeowner is not expected to face charges. Investigators said a woman who acted as an accomplice in the home invasion by White was arrested. Juanita Marie English, 28, of Logwood Drive in Ladson, faces charges of first-degree burglary and criminal conspiracy.
This Guy ...

... tried a home invasion and was justifiably (and fatally) ass-kicked by the resident, who was armed.

Further Details:
The Post And Courier reports that 30-year-old Elijah Akeem White Jr. (pictured) and his big fat white female accomplice 28-year-old Juanita Marie English put their dumb plan into effect in Moncks Corner, SC on Tuesday. English approached a family home around 8pm and knocked on the door. She pretended to be from the home owners association, complete with a fake name tag, and asked the wife some generic questions. I am assuming this was done to make sure people were home in the residence.
English then turned to a waiting car and motioned to White. The scumbag got out of the car wearing a ski mask and holding a gun with a green laser sight. Understandably the wife freaked out and slammed the door shut.
“Seeing a masked gunman approach was terrifying. She was able to shut and lock the door. It got chaotic,” said Chief Rick Ollic of the Moncks Corner Police Department.
At this point you’d think the criminals would call this thing off. They had no element of surprise and their intended victim was clearly raising the alarm. Another dumb thing about this plan was: why was White wearing a mask when English showed her face to the wife? If the point was to make it impossible for the victim to identify them, these two criminals failed. ...
Nope.  Nobody knows, nor can anyone guess, why this pair of idiots followed their losing plan after it all went into the toilet.  Best guess:  they were determined, and they expected that they still  had the element of surprise because ... 
 "... things like this don't usually HAPPEN here!"
Yes, 'things like this" do happen, everywhere.

And the people who say that "nobody needs to keep a gun in the house"  (usually, because Kids) have no idea how violently perverted their neighbors really are.

Or, how far criminals are willing to travel in expectation that they can overwhelm defenseless innocents.

One wonders what would have happened to the kids in this house, if their parents were not prepared to defend them against JUST this kind of "Gun Violence".

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Anonymous said...

My home is not a gun free zone. Seems like there are others the same way.