Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Docs hate Glocks

Once again, a physician with an affiliation to Doctors for Responsible Gun Ownership (DRGO) speaks truth to the AMA.

You can read down to find the links and the details, but what this doctor is saying to guys who are shooting each other in drug and turf wars,  is:
"You're a bunch of gun-crazy drug czars and you'll be shooting each others for the next millennium.
You'll never change.  No matter what WE do to keep you alive, you've probably going to shoot each other again and again and again ... and it's our job to clean up the mess.

* Interpretation:  Frankly, we're getting tired of this shit!  So since there's nothing we can do to resolve the societal issues which keep you assholes shooting each other, would you please stop it?  You're beginning to piss us off!  (And you don't want your Doctors to "Not Care" when you get shot!) *

*(Not a direct quote ... more of an .... interpretation!)

Can ‘Gun Violence’ Be Addressed as a Public Health Issue? – Doctors for Responsible Gun Ownership:

Violence done with guns is constantly in the headlines. Gun control advocates, health care sophists, and President Obama assert that ‘gun violence’ is a public health problem.
The latest volley, “Firearm-Related Injury and Death in the United States: A Call to Action” in the Annals of Internal Medicine February 24, comes from 8 medical specialty organizations plus the American Bar Association.
In the same edition is another meaningless exercise in pointless ‘research’: “Firearm-Related Hospitalization and Risk for Subsequent Violent Injury, Death, or Crime Perpetration”.
What an unexpected conclusion: “Hospitalization for a firearm-related injury is associated with a heightened risk for subsequent violent victimization or crime perpetration.” People at risk remain people at risk, until their risks change. Is it really valid to address gunshot injury and death as matters for public health intervention?
The short answer is that this is a smokescreen. The commission of gunshot injuries and deaths (‘gun violence’) cannot be fairly addressed as a ‘public health issue’, as that phrase has become used in its case.

(If anyone has a different interpretation, please phone me at 1-800-GangBangers because personally I don't much give a shit about gang boys shooting each other except they make the legitimate law-abiding gun owners look bad by comparison

And when the last gang-banger kills the next-to-last gang-banger, it still looks bad for honest firearms owners because the Liberals don't know the difference between us!


Anonymous said...

I have heard from several cop friends, that Hi Points are popular with gang bangers, at least in our area. Don't know if you can hold them sideways and shoot. The venerable Glock feeds and fires fine when held sideways.

Jerry The Geek said...

You know this from personal experience?