Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Not-so-smart NJ and not-so-smart Smart Guns

You recall how New Jersey had her knickers handed to her when the smarmy law requiring "Smart Guns" to be sold as soon as they had become available? Uh huh. They still have sores from the bite marks under their nickers.  (And the Smart Guns are STILL not all that 'available'!)

Now, New Jersey has has backed WAY off its original arbitrariness.
Not far enough, though.

New Jersey Assembly Approves Bill For More Smart Gun Sales  CBS New York:
 More smart guns would be sold in New Jersey under a measure that cleared the state Assembly Monday. As WCBS 880’s Kelly Waldron reported, the measure would create a roster of so-called smart guns, which can only be fired by authorized users, available for sale. The bill would also require most New Jersey gun retailers to carry a couple of smart guns in their stores.
[H/T: The Gun Feed]

("MORE" Smart Guns?  Have they sold even ONE, yet?)

So far, the "Roster" includes one small .22 caliber pistol, underpowered for any 'practical ' purpose, and it costs an arm and both legs more than most pistols of that genre.

Oh, and it's not all that smart, having failed in a significant number of tests.  Boy, Howdy, that's the pistol *_I_* would want to have in my nightstand to protect my family against a home invasion!

So the wise solons in The Garbage Garden State have declared that all they want to do is to have every gun shop have 'a couple of smart guns in their stores.

Beat up on the small retailer stores much?   How may other products does this state's legislature mandate that stores carry in stock?   Is it just firearms?

Yes, it is "just firearms".

Thank Goodness for the Second Amendment which ... provides absolutely NO protection for a specialty merchant, as long as the State Legislature is composed of a ignorant sore-losers who don't mind sticking it to their constituents who are just trying to make a living.

Well, those ignorant elected officials are still smarting (no pun intended, but it seemed appropriate) from the public embarassment they sufferred last year and somebody has to pay the price.  Guess who?

This is a valuable product useful for home defence  competition plinking at tin cans absolutely nothing.   And NJ wants every small retailer to carry them in stock ... rather than have them available for 'special order' in the (unlikely) possibility that someone would really like to own one.

Not that the State Assembly wasn't aware of that; this is merely another transparent attempt to run gun stores out of business.  The law serves no other purpose.

You can bet that if a gun store actually had someone ask to buy one of those not-so-smart guns, the retailer could put an order in to the manufacturer and it would be delivered the next business day by the president of the failing company (who probably has a closet full of unsaleable guns in his basement).

The ironic thing is, the good people of New Jersey will probably re-elect the idiots who wrote the original law requiring that only 'Smart Guns' be sold ... when they were both unreliable and unavailable.

No word from NJ on whether the original law, mandating that only Smart Guns be sold in NJ as soon as one became 'available'.   Well, you can't blame them for not wanting to advertise their lunacy any more.

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