Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Web Hosting with VODA

Last night I signed up for a new web-hosting service. Unlimited bandwidth, unlimited storage, domain-name registration, unlimited email accounts under my own domain name, and of course I can build web-pages in my domain.

I doubt I'll soon find a need for all the services they sold me (at not that high a cost), but one thing is certain: I will finally have a place where I can put files on the internet for download by others.

You may have noticed last week that I have become ultimately disgusted with YouTube's policy of removing the sound track of videos if the videos include music which is not on their 'approved' list. (Their 'approved list' is elevator music, not appropriate to the kind of videos I like to build.)

Resisting the impulse to editorialize about how I use the music that I bought, overlaying the sounds of gunfire and range commands, I have been driven to this by the litigious efforts of the Music Industry.

This is a move forward, though, not a passive-aggressive attempt to complain about The Way Things Are.

I like to shoot, I like to make and share videos of people shooting. Within the next week I'll begin uploading scored videos of people shooting, and readers will be able to both see the videos in small format, and then download the full-size video for their own personal collections.

It will take a while before I get all the pieces together, and learn how to use the new software, but today I have more options than I had yesterday.

I think that is A Good Thing.

Independence Day -- After the Fact

Last weekend SWMBO and I flew to San Diego to spend the holiday with my kids.

This is the first time, ever, that both children (Jenn and Ben), their spouses, and their children (all seven of them) have ever presented themselves in the same room at the same time, in my presence.

It was a madhouse!

But I enjoyed it anyway.

From time to time someone would put an infant in my arms and then stand back while someone photographed the event. Bad Idea. I am not photogenic. But I liked the kids, and generally ignored the photographers. Good idea. I provided the camera for most of these "Photo Opportunities", so I deleted them

Just to prove that I actually have infant grandchildren, I'll include some of the pictures here,.

This is Adrian ...

... and this is Logan.

Okay, so it's the same picture. Doesn't matter. They're twins, nobody can tell them apart anyway. It's like: "if you've seen one, you've seen them all."

Anyway, we not only enjoyed the Twins, but we enjoyed the rest of the family as well.

Interesting side-story: while I was in San Diego, grand-daughter Samantha referred to me as "Grandfather Jerry".

Sandie had to stay behind when I left, because she had an appointment at U.C. Irvie on Tuesday. After I left, samantha (in conversations with SWMBO), referred to me as "Your Boyfriend". I guess the grandfather thing is transitory, but Boyfriends are forever.

I'll never understand the mind-set of pre-adolescent females, but it's probably good that she understands the relationshiop.

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Dundee Crap Shoot

It's not easy to write about Tim's performance on Stage 6 of the June, 2009 Dundee Points Match.

He did everything right, and it looks good on video (youtube link here). He moved quickly from one shooting position to the next, even though the stage was deliberately designed to tempt the shooter to be hesitant during movement. He was accurate from each shooting position, showing no signs of being out-of-breath or otherwise impaired by his rapid movement between one side of the bay and the other.

Looking good, Tim!

Note that there were no attempts to add music to the video. Just as well, they would have silenced it anyway, the maroons can't avoid the suits presented by music producers.