Tuesday, June 06, 2006

NYC RINO Bans Paint-By-Numbers

Laws would track offenders, ban paint that disguises guns as toys
I thought I had Seen It All, but I was wrong.

Republican In Name Only Michael Bloomberg, mayor of New York City, has proposed new laws (city ordinances?) which would do two things:
  1. Require people convicted of gun crimes to register as 'firearms offenders' the same was as 'sex offenders; are required, and
  2. Outlaw painting firearms in bright colors.
Here are the quotes:

Laws would track offenders, ban paint that disguises guns as toys

Associated Press Writer

June 5, 2006, 2:05 PM EDT

NEW YORK -- Criminals convicted of gun crimes in New York City would have to register and update their addresses _ similar to sex offenders _ under a law proposed by city officials on Monday.

The gun registry act is one of several modest measures that Mayor Michael Bloomberg wants to push through the City Council as part of his effort to crack down further on illegal firearms. The city and state already have tough gun laws on the books.

The registry would require offenders convicted of criminal possession of a weapon in the third degree to list their addresses and check in every six months, for four years after their convictions.

Bloomberg said hundreds of people are convicted of these offenses each year in New York City, and deserve heightened supervision "because as a group they are highly prone to committing repeat violent crimes."

Oh my goodness.
What Mikey isn't telling us is that ANYONE who possesses a firearm in NYC without a permit is guilty of a third-degree felony.

(NOTE: A third-degree felony is less than a second-degree; a second-degree is less than a first-degree. While I haven't found the text which describes "criminal possession of a weapon in the third degree", it sounds to me as if it might be described as "simple possession". That is, if the convicted felon were found to have displayed or "brandished" the firearm, it might be a second-degree felony. If the felon were found to have actually fired the weapon, it might be a first-degree felony. I can cite no references which define the degree of "wrong-ness", these only seem reasonable to assume given the way the "degree" context is commonly structured. See here for a rough comparison of the way Utah structured its polygamy laws in 2003.)

As nearly as I can tell, "criminal possession of a weapon in the third degree" need not be supported by any display of violence; if violence were involved, the charge would probably be of a higher degree.

Yet Bloomberg justifies his proposal by saying: " ... as a group they are highly prone to committing repeat violent crimes."

What violent crimes? We don't see any evidence of violence. How can you repeat something that you haven't done yet?

The only logical construct I can imagine for Bloomberg's proposal is that if a person is found to have been in possession of a firearm, he must be judged to be capable of a violent crime, and therefore must be registered, tracked and controlled because he is more likely to commit a violent crime in the future than someone who does NOT possess a firearm.

If that logic structure sounds reasonable to you, I offer you a syllogism:

Michaell Bloomberg possesses a penis. He has not charged with having used this penis in a violent crime (rape), but because he has been found to be in possession of a penis, he must be judged to be capable of a violent crime, and therefore must be registered, tracked and controlled because he is more likely to commit a violent crime in the future than someone who does NOT possess a penis.

Sounds pretty stupid, doesn't it?
Wait. It gets better.

The council also will seek to ban gun painting kits that are used to make real firearms look like toys.

Bloomberg and Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly said guns painted in playful fluorescent colors [emphasis added] endanger police officers who must assess risk in a split second when they are faced with someone brandishing a weapon.

Kelly did acknowledge that no painted guns are believed to have been used in city crimes or recovered by law enforcement officials, but said they learned of the paint kits through advertisements in gun enthusiast magazines.

To illustrate the danger, Bloomberg waved two handguns above his podium at the City Hall news conference, one real and one fake, but both painted like toys.

"Just imagine the tragic consequences of this kind of sick deception," he said.
" ... sick deception ..."?
You're got your Sick Deception right there, Pal.

This is a law proposed to resolve a problem which does not exist. Bloomberg admits it is so, but because he "... learned of the paint kits through advertisements in gun enthusiast magazines" he assumes it to be a problem and by golly he's going to stop this nefarious painting of guns in 'playful ... colors' before it starts. (What is he doing, reading gun enthusiast magazines on company time?)

His personal philosophy about writing laws is different from mine.

I think laws should be proposed in response to demonstrated real problems. He thinks they should be proposed in response to his own sick fantasies. I wonder what he would do when confronted to an IPSC pistol (I know, already illegal in NYC) with the grips splatter-painted.

Although more deaths nation-wide are caused by automobile accidents than by deliberate use of firearms, you have to ask yourself why Mayor Bloomberg hasn't proposed a law prohibiting the painting of automobiles in "Playful Flourescent Colors".

(By the way, aren't toy guns already outlawed in NYC? If not, it's not because they haven't already tried. Why not toy automobiles? That would solve that problem immediately, because we all know that as soon as something is something is defined as 'illegal', it disappears from the City Scene. ) ( /sarcasm_mode )

Gun control has become one of Bloomberg's top priorities in his second term. The Republican mayor lobbies for the cause on Capitol Hill, and has formed a coalition of his counterparts from dozens of U.S. cities to push for stricter federal and state anti-gun laws.

The National Rifle Assocation's chief lobbyist, Chris W. Cox, said a gun offender registry is unnecessary because the criminal record system essentially serves the purpose of tracking felons. And banning paint kits, Cox added, "is not going to bring down crime rates."
Nobody in NYC is listening to Cox or the NRA.


Because it doesn't address their priorities. It's not about guns, or "gun violence", murders or injuries due to (already illegal) firearms possession or usage. It's about catching the headlines. They don't care about firearms or injuries; what they really care about is the amount of press time they get every week.

When the numbers go down, the rhetoric ramps up.

If they really cared about crime in the streets, they would try to do something about welfare moms, single-parent families, out-of-wedlock births, gangs, the drug culture and the revolving-door justice system.

But that's too hard, and it doesn't make headlines.

It's easier to adjudicate the legal system than the social dysfunctions which are rampant across America.

Politicians always treat the symptoms instead of the disease, because their priority isn't to fix the problem ... it's only their own personal aggrandizement.

They don't have to walk the streets. They only have to get re-elected.

Friday, June 02, 2006

Bored at Home

I have a cold.

Maybe it's an alergy, or bronchitis.
All I know is I feel crummy, can't sleep, I've got a hoarse throat (think "Mister Ed") and I can't be around other people for a while.

That's not all bad. I've been surfing the net, and again I'm amazed at the stuff you can find there.

Since I haven't done a BLOGMEAT post for a long time, here's The Geek's Stuff To See When You Really Need A Timewaster.

Thanks to Jason at Jason's Blog, I found a really swell Rube Goldberg advertisement for the Toyota Accord.

Also, my friend Gary T. sent me a video which is so weird I created an entire new album on my Photo Gallery for Weird Stuff. Here's the Kosovo song (apologies to The Beach Boys).

Speaking of music, I'm always on the lookout for music to dub into IPSC Videos. (Okay, this works. It's continues the ISPC theme of the blog.) Lately I've been looking for "Holding Out For A Hero" by Bonnie Tyler. I tried Napster, but the download had some weird code inserted that prevented me from using Windows Movie Maker to add it to a project.

Fortunately, I did find a wonderfully terrible video she made (sometime in the 80's?) which was so badly staged it was hillarious. Can you believe Google Videos?

[sigh!] I suppose I'll have to find a cd in the used-cd store that has the song on it. I was planning to hold it out for a particularly spectacular stage, such as Yong Lee's performance on Stage 5: "The Doors", in the 2005 Croc Match. I would have liked to use "Hero" as the theme song, but I was lucky to have a copy of "Ballroom Bash" and the timing was right even though I couldn't really get a sense of the energy of the effort.

I had loaded the video I DID make to YouTube, which allows me to present it here (The same video is available for display from YouTube elsewhere on this website. But I'm bored .)

Yong Lee: 2005 Banzaii Ballistic "You Got Bullets?" Croc Match, September 2005. Stage 5: "The Doors":

What else?

While I was uploading the Kosovo video to my photo gallery, I decided it was time to reorganize it. There's no content there yet that you haven't already seen, but this is the Official Announcement of the "Geek House of Weird".

Watch this space. I get bored quite often.

I'm getting hungry, too. Here's a recipe for a Drunkards Lunch.

Take a quarter-pound (whatever size it comes in that will fit) of Edam or Brie cheese, wrap it in a Pillsbury Croissant Dough package. That stuff comes in the blue tube, it's already rolled out and triangularly perforated to make the croissants. Sqeeze the dough together where it's perforated, so it's one sheet. Wrap up the cheese. You got dough left over? cut it off, cut in into triangles, and make mini-croissants. Put the 'cheese in broulle' (pastry-wrapped cheese) in a shallow glass pan, surround it with the mini-croissants, and bake it in the oven @ 350 degrees for 20 minutes or until it's brown on the top. It helps if you put butter on the top, it browns better.

While that's cooking, core and thin-slice a couple of apples, put the slices in a bowl of cold water so it doesn't turn brown.

Then slice a quarter pound of smoked salmon ... I prefer the peppered smoked salmon, but it's your choice ... in bite-size pieces on a small cutting board.

Open a bottle of your favorite wine, preferably a white or rose but Boone's Farm will serve. Or open a beer. You probably have one open already; forget I mentioned it, I'm an idiot.

Put the sliced smoked salmon, apples, and a couple of plates with forks on the coffee table in front of the couch. You know you have one. Just sit on the couch, look at the TV, and that cluttered surface between you and the TV is the coffee table. Put the plates there, put the salmon there, put the apples there, put a couple of pot-holders in the middle and take the browned cheese boule on it. Serve it in the glass pan you cooked it in.

Slice up the cheese thingie, serve eighths portions of it with that triangle-shaped thing you got as a wedding gift from your uncle in Alaska that your wife uses to put pie slices on those dinky saucers.

The cheese, you should eat with a fork because it's hot. Everything else (except the beer/wine, dummy) is finger food. Eat a slice of apple. Fork in some cheese stuff. Nibble on the salmon. Don't swallow until you can't stand it any more, because the combination of flavors and textures is, as Martha Stewert is too wussy to say, "to die for". Especially when you wash it all down with the wine/beer whatever.

BTW, don't drink 'lite beer". You may think it's your choice, but it's my recipe and I'm telling you, the whole idea is to have strong, contrasting flavors that somehow compliment each other. You start pouring week horse-piss down your pie-hole, you've ruined the whole thing. Get outta here, I don't even want to talk to you, you moron!

Okay, you guys who are nodding your heads, you get it. You can stay.

There's enough food there for two people to snack on for a quarter of a football game, if you aren't both guys. There's a hint in there for you. Whip this up for your sweetie on a dull evening. She'll be impressed that you can cook (you DID remember to set the timer to 20 minutes for the cheese, right? Do NOT burn the cheeze, you wuss!) and it's fun to play for five or ten minutes trying to figure out how to get the dough to wrap around the odd-shaped chunk of cheese.

Here's a hint: when you slice the apples? Don't peel them, okay? And slice them under the kitchen faucet, so when you invariably SLICE YOUR THUMB you can hold it under the water and nobody will ever know. (Elegant hosts will dispose of the bloody apple parts in the kitchen-sink garbage diosposal. You yobs will want to make sure you eat the gory apple parts before they get to the table, okay?)

When you're done, here's how to make EXTRA big points with your sweetie.

Pick up the cheezy glass pan, the bowl full of water, the cutting board, the plates and forks and silver pie-server and napkins and dispose of them properly in the kitchen sink. Don't run water on the napkins, it's a mess when your sweetie cleans up after you. You got the TIVO thingie, you can pause the ball game for thirty seconds.

On your way back out to the living room, bring the wine bottle with you and top of her glass.

Several times.

You cook, you clean, you pour wine like a sommelier (which I can't spell and you can't pronounce). That's pretty impresive to your sweetie.

Who knows, you just might get lucky.

At least, in the morning she may not remember that you can cook and you can clean.

Whew! Dodged that one, Partner!

Dundee IPSC Videos

My friend Brian, who also provides server space for my Photo Gallery (so I don't want to offend him) has a brand new Open gun for IPSC Competition.

I think the Aimpoint sight is beer-can-on-a-stick ugly, but he makes it work for him so if I sound 'negative' it's probably just jealousy.

Here he is at the May, 2006, club match shooting Stage 4.

He and I are unofficially competing head-to head, so here's my performance on the same stage.

Result: Brian took 4th place on the stage with 97 match points, I took 3rd place with 104 match points.

Unfortunately, this was about as well as I could do against his juggernaut competition. For the entire match, he won 4th Open with 523.6 match points, and I settled in comfortably in 5th Open wth 520 match points. (Brian kicked my butt on the next stage, an 'accuracy stage', and I never recovered from it.)

Brian did very will with his brand new STI Open Gun, and I congratulate him.

Guess I need to practice more. Either that, or I should re-evaluate the qualities of an Aimpoint sight over a C-More sight.