Thursday, April 06, 2017

Money for Nothin', and Checks for Free

The Gun Grabbers (democrats and the CDC) are at it again.

Democrats request $60 million for CDC to study gun violence as health crisis:

A group of 30 Senate and House Dems debuted a proposal on Tuesday to fund research at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on firearms safety and gun violence prevention.
 Backed by U.S. Sen. Edward Markey D-Mass., and U.S. Rep. Carolyn Maloney, D-NY, along with a host of other Democrat and Independent lawmakers, the bill, S.834, would provide $10 million per year to CDC for a term of at least six years beginning in 2018.
You will note the list of radical leftest senators who are sponsoring this bill to use my federal tax dollars to politicize the "gun violence" issue ... again.
 The measure introduced this week would set aside $10 million in funding each year for FY2018-2023 to be added to the CDC’s budget, earmarked for research into guns. The money, if approved, would be the largest funding for federal gun use research since a 1996 amendment by then-Rep. Jay Dickey, R-Ark., precluded CDC’s funds from being spent on actions intended to restrict or control the purchase or use of firearms.
(And there are NGOs involved in this effort, too ... which will come as no surprise.)
The bill is supported by a number of health care lobby groups and gun control organizations including the Newtown Action Alliance, Everytown, Moms Demand Action, the Brady Campaign, Americans for Responsible Solutions and the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence.
This bill is an attempt to go back to the Good Old Days, when the CDC could pursue its own political agenda ... at our cost!   Before the Dickey amendment, the CDC could publish biased reports on "gun violence".   Their reports were long on the harm that guns can do, but absolutely lacking on any "positive effects" of private firearms ownership ... such as self defense, and the original purpose of the 2nd amendment (which was to prevent a runaway government from controlling an unarmed citizenry).

After years of whining because the mean old Republicans wouldn't let them undermine our Constitutional Rights at our cost, the Dems have taken the "Moral High Ground" by asserting that the CDC is hampered by the Dickey amendment.

Write your congressman.

I just wrote to mine:

Rep. xxx
There is a bill *(S.834)* which would have the effect of using federal funds to support the Center for Disease Control (CDC) to "study the effects of gun violence".
The CDC has long ago had federal funding denied for these activities via the Dickey amendment, because the CDC (a federal agency) has proven itself incapable of performing unbiased reporting on the subject. They were long on reporting the ills of 'gun violence', but short on reporting benefits of 'gun protection'.
I pay enough federal taxes without having more taken ... misappropriated ... to undermine my constitutional rights; and this amendment would put the CDC right back in the business of applying the tax dollars of peaceful Oregon citizens toward an initiative which would use our taxes to support an unconstitutional goal.
The CDC has continued its biased reporting even after the Dickey Amendment, as it has received funding from 'other sources'. That's fine with me; I know that many institutions and private individuals don't hold their constitutional rights as dearly as do I. This new bill would require my tax dollars to fund an anti-constitutional reportage, under the aegis of Federal support.
I don't think it's right than my taxes should be used to undermine my constitutional rights. Do you?
They tell me that, if you don't like what your government is doing, you should write your congressman.
That's what I'm doing.
Are you listening?

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